Winter Concept Map and 10 Silly Ideas

Warm Up
I began by watching some episodes of Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix streaming. It is the only sitcom I've watched in years. I started watching on DVD, and I think it was because of the press and Neil Patrick Harris. I don't normally like the sitcom format, but HIMYM has a lot of qualities like dramas that seem to work. I enjoy the metaplots for each season, the interaction of the characters, and the call backs that reward longtime continuity watching. Also, I am in the right age bracket, from Cleveland, like the main character, and live in the Twin Cities, not far from the home town of one of the supporting characters. These attributes contribute surprisingly often.

Concept Map


My concept map began with Winter and expanded, in no particular order, to include:
School Dances
Winter Olympics

Smaller fingers expanded out from these secondary categories.

The Three Sub-Themes that emerged include:
Snow Games
Transportation Concerns
Themed Food

10 Silly Ideas
The Silly Concepts included:

Car Flamethrower snow clearer


Electric Blanket Long Underwear


Hot Chocolate Thermos Vest


Dog's Sled


Minnesota Dog Carrier


Luminous Dye Figure Skates


Snow Tent Bike Saddlebags


sNote Blower




Snow-Scoop Launcher


Many of these ideas are concerned with my own winter experiences, upon review. They are aimed at getting by in the winter snows, easing commutes, and keeping warm. I have a couple little dogs that have trouble in the snow. A few ideas are related to winter play activities like skating and snowball fights.


I really like your silly ideas, they definitely made me laugh. You did a good job with making sure the sketches appeared clear and tasteful on your blog. Something I would have appreciated is if you took time to elaborate more on the idea of being silly and how that relates to creativity. Maybe including in the 10 Silly Ideas section how you were feeling, and why your silly mood helped you create those funny ideas. That would just remind the reader of the purpose of this week's lecture - that silliness often brings about creativity. Another helpful thing would be if you made your mind map a little more visual. Include pictures, colors, etc.
Well done overall!

I definitely approve of your choice in watching How I Met Your Mother. It was one of the few television shows I make an effort to really watch because the comedy in it is just so perfect. I agree that one of the best parts of that show is the jokes that continue to come back to throughout the different seasons.

I thought it was a good choice to include the colored brackets on the outside to connect themes that were far apart from each other. That was one issue I had with my map. Once I started making lines across the page it was harder to follow the map and figuring out what was going on. I feel like you also could have let loose more on the organization of it. I thought it was very structured.

Great sketches! You clearly spent a lot of time developing these. My favorite ideas were the car flame thrower, luminous dye figure skates, and the hot chocolate thermos vest. I like how you concentrated on making things that would be beneficial in people's lives and also how you were taking into consideration your own issues (taking your dogs out in the snow) and figuring out ways to help solve them.

I love that you chose to watch How I Met Your Mother for you activity. It's a great show to get in a playful, silly mood! I definitely need to catch up on that show.

I really liked that you chose to connect the different themes together using a software and calling out your top three sub-themes. It makes the whole mind map very clear and clean.

Your silly ideas are actually pretty awesome. I could use a car flame thrower for my commutes to school during the winter season. I like that you had a focus of getting by during the winter months for your silly ideas that could actually be working and beneficial products.

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