Assignment 7: Concept Selection and Idea Pitches


I. Pugh Chart
I created this Pugh Chart to compare the ideas.


The Snow Log Maker was the winner. It was one of the most popular ideas from the survey. I think it will be fun to make and try out.

II. Best Idea and Name
Name Brainstorming
Snow Log Maker
Snow Wall Maker
Ice Fort Shovel
Snow Castle
Bastion Shovel

Winner: Bastion Snow Shovel

Final Sketch


III. Elevator Pitch Video
Details for the elevator pitch:
The opportunity is for a novel snow fort making device. This product works like a shovel, so large volumes of snow may be moved at once. As the user pushes the Bastion Shovel, it compacts the snow into a roll. Common snow fort products make single bricks, and rely on the maker sitting down. The market is for preadolescents and adolescents or adults who help them play. The estimated bulk material cost is $2.94. The estimated price to consumers is $29. In the preliminary patent search I did not find any related patents, except for basic shovels or levered shovels. I believe it can be made locally.

Pitch Video


Please open the video with QuickTime or iMovie.


Hi James,

Great presentation today in the shark tank! Your prototype served its purpose perfectly and helped to raise questions that would be difficult to foresee without it. I am amazed with the profit potential that your project has. I really liked the idea of the snow logs more than the idea of incorporating them into a shovel. What if the log creation was done more in a function similar to the creation of hay bales could be implemented and a snowblower or plow system to drive it rather than manpower.

Hey James!

Your project looks like a very interesting concept and something that many kids could grow up using and loving. I think the idea itself is very good, it is definitely in the engineering that you could have some issues.

It would be interesting with further testing to see how difficult it is to pack down snow with a pull system like you have, and whether different types of snow could hamper the process.

Really cool idea and your pitch went great in class.

Great job!


The Pugh chat is very nice and clear to look at!

Your shovel idea was fun, and at a cigs scale it might've been more clear for those you pitch to that it's a cigs toy. Maybe add some color and fun weekend on it so it doesn't look as utilitarian?

I think the next step could be the assembly of the bricks, could there be a tool on the shovel to help aid in that? That might be shoehorn-ing it thigh!

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