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Week 11 Blog

This was a great course. I learned a lot along the way.

Some of my favorite discoveries or exercises were the ones on picture sharing and slide set sharing. I also liked learning about RSS and about web conferencing. All are very useful and practical.

This program was good. It has already affected my everyday work. For example, through this course I learned about slideshare.com. So, I created my own slideshare.com account, and I linked it to my faculty webpage. Then, I can share extension slide sets with others. That has been kind of neat, and it tracks the number of times people view the slide sets. Also, the web conferencing thing was useful. I will be involved in a web conference in November for the first time. After completing the web conferencing assignment, I learned about how to do this, and I feel confident about it.

Unexpected outcomes or take-aways from this course that surprised me... Well, the fodey.com thing this week was pretty cool. I don't know about all these cool websites out there. I think I can use it to make extension stuff more fun. One unexpected outcome was slideshare.com. That is going to work out pretty well for me, as I can simply post all of my extension presentations over my career on there. Also, Flickr was pretty neat. I didn't expect that site, and I really thought it was neat how we could link pictures to maps, etc.

I am not sure what could be done to improve this course. I didn't complete as many of the "optional" assignments because I am always busy. However, I feel that I may have missed out by not doing so. If I get time, I might go back and do that. Overall, it was very good. The amount of time that it took per week was about right. I wouldn't mind having a course that took the same amount of time per week, but went for twice as many weeks.

If another enrichment course of this nature were offered in the future, I would definitely participate. For me, I don't have the time to sit and browse the web to learn about all of these unique things. It is more useful for me to spend the time and take these courses. While it takes a little time each week, I think it will actually save me time in the future and allow me to be more creative. Overall, great course. Thank you for putting it all together.

Jeff C.