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April 5, 2006


I know this girl named Gitte; she's a whale of a good roomate. She gave me a fortune cookie today, and when she offered it to me, I knew it was going to contain a very good fortune, so I took it. It read, "You have the ability to do several things at one time and do them all well." I feel like the opperative word there is "all."

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February 23, 2006

Peace Quilts

This entry is gonna be all over the place. This keyboard i'm using in the lab has quite possibly the greasiest and stickiest keys i've ever typed on. I don't know how this happened, but I sorta want to know it that same way that people enjoy watching Distraction on comedy central. ok, the shift key is near impossible to press, no more capital letters from here on out.

my congressional politics class was talking about pay for congressmen (ya, men, bitch) today. they get paid 162k a year. some douchebag hippie with dreads and a bandana (holy original batman) was talking about how congressmen should get paid less because blah blah blah he's a dirty hippie i stopped listening. the truth of the matter is that they get paid the right amount, they make our fucking laws for christ's sake. plus they have to work like, 12 hour days. then they go home, where everyone thinks they have a right to bitch about all the things that didn't get done. on top of this, they have to convince all those douchebags to vote them back into ther job every two years; that's great job security there. so i'm throwing down in class, and the hippies are thinking about greasing up this keyboard some more, and then the instructor goes through why i'm right. she even tells this story about a bunch of hippies that ask senators to sleep under a peace quilt on the front steps of the capital so they can better think about peace. not only is that the most asinine thing i've ever heard, but the senators actually did it because they care so damn much about pleasing everyone. 162k too much my ass.

on to the more important things in life, fixies. i bought a blue chain for my fixie and the thing is hotter than your bike now. don't even try to compare. i rode it yesterday because it was 30 out. i told my mexican friend this, and he said he couldn't sleep because it is 120 at his house. i guess it's all comparitive or something like that. i didn't wear gloves because i forgot too; my hands went numb, but it was worth it. i forgot how much of a badass (ok, interjection: the buttons on my mp3 player are doing other functions than intended. i can't turn the volume down because it just changes the track. how does that even happen? did someone reprogram the cpu? was there some sort of genetic mutation in the wires? i feel like an ass wanting my second 20gig mp3 player, but i guess such is my lot.) i feel like when i ride it. the thing really calms me down too. i can sit still on it. i've been having problems sitting still since i can remember. being comfortable just doesn't happen often, but it always does on the fixie.

enough bullshit, here is what you came for, Part II of Random Picture Ryan Found on the Computer Lab Computer of the Day: nice starfish girl, i already hate you, unless i can take a run on my slalom ski behind that boat, then we can be friends.


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February 1, 2006

Computer Labs

I use the West Bank computer lab inbetween my classes now. My favorite part of lab computers is that people leave their files saved on to it. Not just in the My Documents folder, but even on the desktop. I make sure to go through all these files becaue sometimes you find really entertaining things. Case in point, today's Random Picture Ryan Found on a Lab Computer of the Day.


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January 31, 2006

My Beard

My Beard (yes, it is so grand it gets capatilized) is getting a little out of control. If it wishes to stay a beard, I'm going to need a beard trimmer. I want to do something fun with it, but don't know what. The task is up to you, should you chose to accept it, to find a sweet facial hair style for me. Here are some larger than normal pics to give you a slate on which you can sculpt. GL.


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January 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

I suppose it's a little late for Happy New Years, but I saw I haven't updated since December 20th. Well, I guess the blog is for the fanbois only now. If you are reading this, that makes you a fanboi, whether you want to be, or know what it means to be or not. This blog has taught me that being funny and creative on a regular basis is tough. So, I'm going to put my digital camera to good use and add pictures more often. I better be able to use HTML...

I bought a new bike at swap. It's a Schwinn Homegrown with XT and a Duke XC. New Raceface cranks and a very unique spinergy Wheelset. It's my baby. Gripless here, it now has Chili Pepper grips thanks to Salsa. It's my baby.

I took this at the Como Zoo. They had some pretty flowers there. It was all old people in the conservatory, and all little kids in the zoo. I was thinking about how I went there when I was little, and thought all the plants were boring. I still get more excited for the creatures, but now the flowers bring some sort of calm on me. I enjoy the dualism of the place.

He was huge. These guys are so incredible. I could watch them for hours. Their everyday movements are so human it makes Darwin undeniable. I accidently flashed a spider monkey, and he put his hand over his eyes, it was almost creepy.

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December 20, 2005

Ready, Set, Lasy-ass

Almost a month since the last update, I had too much to do. Finals were pretty spread out and I finished on the same day most people started. The Chinese Politics Paper was by far the worst. Ten pages on anything always sucks. I started playing WoW again and am really enjoying it. I went for 5 days without a shower, it got smelly, but not as bad as Priss. We had the 19 Sidney Place Christmas yesterday, way fun. Meghan hasn't stopped talking about what she is going to name her fish. My new Maxxis Ignitors are going to rock Theo hard. I have nothing to do until next semester starts. No school, no job, no nothing. It's great, I have lost track of the time, date, and general sense of what the world is doing, and have replaced it all with doing whatever the hell I feel like at any given time. This has so far translated to a lot of Wow and Gamecube. Mandy got one from me for Xmas, and we are close to beating Mario Kart. I really want to go to China for the May term, We'd go to Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin (sp? see, too lazy to google it). Something about China has gotten me. The thought process is entirely different. Reason runs on a totally separate track than ours. I don't, it would be fun too.

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November 25, 2005

Holy Shit that was a lot of food.

Pris and I pretty much won the car with the slot machines around it equivelent of Thanksgiving leftovers. To sum it up, it was an entire paper bag full of leftovers. I'm talking filled to the brim packed bag that your Grandma would throw her back out trying to lift because it's so damn heavy full. It didn't even have just your normal turkey day meal in it. We scored about 7 inches of summer sausage, about 4 bucks worth of high quality sliced cheeses, and a bag full of the best mushroom appetizers your weak stomach has ever tasted. Oh I almost forgot, we got an entire apple pie. And not just your average Sam's club cardboard crap pie, this thing is like the 50 inch prize musky that no one has ever caught, but it's between no less than two pie tins, because that was that only way it was ever getting back to Minneapolis. This thing is a double fister plus a spotter just to make sure. If Sam didn't have to stop and get more gas on the way home a couple of times due to the emense weight of these leftovers, I would be more surprised than Pat Robertson taking off Rupal's dress to get a better look at her legs.
Enough of turkey day, this update is long over due, so it will be long. I actually wrote notes for this post in class one day, because I didn't want to forget anything. I am however, currently not next to those notes, so they won't be used. First up, crowded buses. I got on the 16 on Friday and it was full, not ridiculously full, but full nonetheless. Of course the guy sitting next to where I was standing who looks like the brain child of Jeff Foxworthy and a ferret starts yelling about how the bus is full before it is even close. Then, a couple minutes later, this guy failing to look as cool as a frat boy (ya, apparently it is harder than it looks) says (verbatim), "There's gonna be a Fox 9 investigation about how the Bus company puts students in danger." I couldn't tell if it was a threat or a prediction, but either way, I hope Fox does it. Then he says (once again, verbatim), "I'm sick of companies making capital for the money." Now I'm used to Poli Sci majors throwing around words for the sake of throwing around words, but what the hell is that supposed to mean? I almost kicked him in the teeth right there while explaining to him how capitalism, money, free markets, and government transit systems work. It is idiots like this that always remind me why we need to enforce IQ tests in order to not be sterilized at the age of 13.

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November 13, 2005

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You should really come to my house to see it.
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November 6, 2005

Dear Packers

You make it difficult to live in Minnesota. Come on guys, you have Favre on your side, it just shouldn't be that hard. I found a Giant NRS for sale at my local shop, and I want it bad, not badly, but bad. It's a pretty hot bike, FS with a duke xc, hayes hydro's, drool. It got a little colder here, and i can smell the end of fixie season. The democrats decided it was time again to demonstrate against the war the other day. It was so ignorant it hurt. You can't just end a war when it doesn't go right people, it just doesn't work like that. Gitte made me a new limited edition specialized one on one money clip last night, it's more hardcore than bacon flavored martinis.

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October 31, 2005

Manliness is melting cheese on bread.

Oh wow, I made the best fucking meal yet today. I've had this hankering for bruschetta lately. So I went grocery shopping with the blonde and bought all the necessities for the meal. This including throwing down for a bottle of olive oil and a 2lb bag of shrimp. Let me tell you this, if you ever want to feel like you are old, go buy some olive oil and shrimp. When I got home, I could barely wait for 5:30 to roll around to get cooking. First I threw the shrimp in a pan with some butter and oil. They started to smell really good, which meant they were done. Chopped those creatures up with some tomato, mix with cheese, over buttered bread with the left over sauce on top, and then in the oven. 10-12 minutes later, holy shit, I should have had a dinner party. No tricker treaters today, so that means I get to destroy my own teeth. I joined another Tecmo league, and it's going to rock hardcore. Culpepper is out for the season, and that is like icing on my birthday cake, except for not, because the blonde bought cherry chip cake with funfetti icing for my birthday cake. Cake and beer, what could be more perfect? Bacon, bacon is more perfect, but you can't have your cake and bacon too.

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