February 23, 2006

Peace Quilts

This entry is gonna be all over the place. This keyboard i'm using in the lab has quite possibly the greasiest and stickiest keys i've ever typed on. I don't know how this happened, but I sorta want to know it that same way that people enjoy watching Distraction on comedy central. ok, the shift key is near impossible to press, no more capital letters from here on out.

my congressional politics class was talking about pay for congressmen (ya, men, bitch) today. they get paid 162k a year. some douchebag hippie with dreads and a bandana (holy original batman) was talking about how congressmen should get paid less because blah blah blah he's a dirty hippie i stopped listening. the truth of the matter is that they get paid the right amount, they make our fucking laws for christ's sake. plus they have to work like, 12 hour days. then they go home, where everyone thinks they have a right to bitch about all the things that didn't get done. on top of this, they have to convince all those douchebags to vote them back into ther job every two years; that's great job security there. so i'm throwing down in class, and the hippies are thinking about greasing up this keyboard some more, and then the instructor goes through why i'm right. she even tells this story about a bunch of hippies that ask senators to sleep under a peace quilt on the front steps of the capital so they can better think about peace. not only is that the most asinine thing i've ever heard, but the senators actually did it because they care so damn much about pleasing everyone. 162k too much my ass.

on to the more important things in life, fixies. i bought a blue chain for my fixie and the thing is hotter than your bike now. don't even try to compare. i rode it yesterday because it was 30 out. i told my mexican friend this, and he said he couldn't sleep because it is 120 at his house. i guess it's all comparitive or something like that. i didn't wear gloves because i forgot too; my hands went numb, but it was worth it. i forgot how much of a badass (ok, interjection: the buttons on my mp3 player are doing other functions than intended. i can't turn the volume down because it just changes the track. how does that even happen? did someone reprogram the cpu? was there some sort of genetic mutation in the wires? i feel like an ass wanting my second 20gig mp3 player, but i guess such is my lot.) i feel like when i ride it. the thing really calms me down too. i can sit still on it. i've been having problems sitting still since i can remember. being comfortable just doesn't happen often, but it always does on the fixie.

enough bullshit, here is what you came for, Part II of Random Picture Ryan Found on the Computer Lab Computer of the Day: nice starfish girl, i already hate you, unless i can take a run on my slalom ski behind that boat, then we can be friends.


at February 23, 2006 11:06 AM