January 31, 2006

My Beard

My Beard (yes, it is so grand it gets capatilized) is getting a little out of control. If it wishes to stay a beard, I'm going to need a beard trimmer. I want to do something fun with it, but don't know what. The task is up to you, should you chose to accept it, to find a sweet facial hair style for me. Here are some larger than normal pics to give you a slate on which you can sculpt. GL.


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January 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

I suppose it's a little late for Happy New Years, but I saw I haven't updated since December 20th. Well, I guess the blog is for the fanbois only now. If you are reading this, that makes you a fanboi, whether you want to be, or know what it means to be or not. This blog has taught me that being funny and creative on a regular basis is tough. So, I'm going to put my digital camera to good use and add pictures more often. I better be able to use HTML...

I bought a new bike at swap. It's a Schwinn Homegrown with XT and a Duke XC. New Raceface cranks and a very unique spinergy Wheelset. It's my baby. Gripless here, it now has Chili Pepper grips thanks to Salsa. It's my baby.

I took this at the Como Zoo. They had some pretty flowers there. It was all old people in the conservatory, and all little kids in the zoo. I was thinking about how I went there when I was little, and thought all the plants were boring. I still get more excited for the creatures, but now the flowers bring some sort of calm on me. I enjoy the dualism of the place.

He was huge. These guys are so incredible. I could watch them for hours. Their everyday movements are so human it makes Darwin undeniable. I accidently flashed a spider monkey, and he put his hand over his eyes, it was almost creepy.

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