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Space in Time

Reading 12

“Architecture as Space�

By Bruno Zevi


“Space is the protagonist of architecture,� states Zevi.He speaks of it in terms of dimensions, particularly 3rd and 4th.However, he says that the number of dimensions is really infinite, which brings me to the next keyword…


People moving about the space and seeing it from different perspectives is closer to the true essence of architecture.However, the most important is the human interaction with the architecture, separating architecture from other forms of art.

How, in your opinion, can architects better represent space in their plans?

What do you think of adapting video game software to architectural uses to show movement through spaces?(maybe this has already been done…)

Reading 13

“Nature and the idea of a man-made world�

By Norman Crowe


What is nature?I think this question is essential to the piece.I like that it gives examples of the author’s ideas, but leaves room for interpretation.


The way one culture values a place can often be far different from the way another culture does.This can cause conflict in the way each culture uses the land.Before building damaging properties, I think it is important to check the cultural significance.

What planes have you created (i.e.-how do you mentally envision certain environments where you reside)?

Give a good and a bad example of man relating with nature, and explain each.