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Clearly I have underestimated the sophistication of my audience

All these questions have been too easy. I mean, I didn't know the answers, but I put them out there and I get responses within a few hours. It's like looking into the face of the oracle.

Clearly I have underestimated the sophistication of my audience. For this reason I have drafted three questions that are surely more deserving of your wisdom.

1.) Do the overwhelming expenses of research and development justify the high costs that the pharmaceutical industry places on drugs? Or are these companies engaging in unethical profiteering?

2.) Will the United States' role as global superpower be taken over by another nation? If so: When, by which country, and under what circumstances? If not, what will account for America's continued dominance?

3.) What conditions, if any, disrupt the assumed sanctity of individual human life? And if no such conditions exist, why not?

There ya go. Pick a question and run with it. Sarcastic one-liners won't count--we're interested in real answers. Happy cogitation!