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I'm in Pittsburgh.
Yay Pittsburgh!
How are you all?


Good. Minnesota is exactly as you left it.

How was your journey? (Mis)adventures?

So far so good. Here's my first impression of Pittsburghians--they like to walk in the middle of the road. As if it weren't scary enough to drive here, what with the hills and curves and rash disregard for conventional traffic rules. But I mean, people just meander right in front of you as you're coming down the street. I saw one woman just walking down the yellow median strip as cars passed by.

I'm happy to see that the U hasn't cut me off yet from their system....

I witnessed the same thing visiting Philadelphia: *everybody* walks in the road. It's the strangest thing!

If you notice Shane's post from your last entry - it seems your x500 stays active as long as you continue to *use* it.

I wonder: is that reason enough for you to keep blogging?

Take care,