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too lazy to check the UThink faq

How do I add authors to a site? And is it possible to add an author who does not have a U of MN x500 password?


On the main menu of the blog admin interface click on Add/Edit Authors. You should see on that page where you can enter an Internet ID and attach it to a particular blog. And no, only x.500 U of M Internet IDs may be added.

Thanks for the info! What I'm thinking of doing is creating a central place where people in my attention class can post answers to study questions for an upcoming test. But I could probably just have them leave comments, since they couldn't become authors...

I guess the more proactive option would be to encourage Pitt to start a UThink-type thing, or just figure out how to put up my own home page, but that's way more into the technical details than I want to go right now.