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too many people in too small of space who actually find cognitive psychology interesting

So, I'll be on leave from blog-land for a few days as I will be returning to Minneapolis for a conference being held in the Hyatt. Waxing sentimental about the trip I am including the umpteenth T.S.E. quote from the Four Quartets. "We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time.

I have reached a certain degree of nostalgia--my laptop screen is graced with a view of the Minneapolis skyline, foregrounded by a closeup of the bike paths on the Stone Arch Bridge. It will be good to be back Even if it is going to snow. It only seems appropriate.


That's funny,

My plane leaves in two hours for a conference in New Orleans, where people will no doubt be finding behavioral psychology more interesting than I will be. That said, I'm waving from my apartment window in the general direction of the Hyatt (I can just barely see it) -- the wave should be waiting for you at check in.

Have a good conference and return visit.

Thanks for the greeting. Why are you going to a behavioral psychology conference?

Why *did* you attend a conference on cognitive psychology--psychometrics, I think, right?

My guess and it is, literally, only a guess, is that these conferences serve in the furtherance of our ambitions, which embody somehow what it is our will to strive for--what we, for better or worse, will be when we grow up.

That said, I didn't really do any conferencing, per se, just enjoyed the city, and some good friends from all over I rarely get to see.

Was your experience a good one?