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continued adventures in consumerism

Last weekend I went to the mall . Yes, I went willingly, in search of some sunglasses. All pairs that I presently own are falling apart. So, having just earned $50 from letting a fellow graduate student scan my brain, I was in an indulgent mood, and thought I would get some hardier sunglasses, a pair that would last me a while before getting scratched or bent out of shape. But my search was fruitless. Sunglasses have gotten big, big, big. Forgive me as I have not participated in American culture for a while: When did sunglasses get so large? And what was the inspiration? Too many people seeing The Aviator? Has Martin Scorsese shaped our national sunglass preferences?

Me, I just cannot handle it. The man at the "Sunglass Hut" kiosk patiently handed me pair after pair, as I looked in the mirror and felt mildly traumatized. How can you walk around with something so heavy weighing down your temples?

So, after some investigation on Froogle, I found this pair, which I am contemplating. It may be the closest I will get to my ideal. I haven't decided whether to buy them or not. I welcome your opinion.



Nice glasses. Now we just need a picture of you with them on!

Yeah I don't know, I'm not that handy with Adobe Photoshop. As you'll recall, I haven't bought them yet.
What puzzles me is that the website says they are blue. I don't know if I see a blue tint there. That's better though, I wasn't really looking for color.

The frames do look bluish to me, for what it's worth.

Well, I could accept that they have something of a "steel gray" tone to them, which I suppose could involve a hint of blue.

It's kind of like with dogs -- there are some dogs described as having "blue" coats, but they're really just a shade of grey that's kind of reminiscent of blue.

My current accessory obsession has changed -- now it's my watch. I'm trying to replace that battery and I can't get the stupid thing open with any tool I can find (or improvise) in my house. I'm feeling resentful that I may have to go out and get some special kind of watch-opening tool. Or at least I'll have to rouse some half-comatose jewelry counter clerk at Target. So if anyone has a MacGuyver-like trick for replacing watch batteries I'd like to hear it.