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another minnesota movie

Hm, so I saw this advertisement for a new movie, The North Country. Based on the story of a single mother who becomes a miner in the Iron Range. For the website and trailer click here.

I myself never got to that part of the state -- I'm more familiar with the logger ethic up in that area between Duluth and the Boundary Waters. So, we'll see how veridical this is. Some of it takes place in Minneapolis as well, as evidenced by the brief shot in the trailer where you're coming up 35-W from South Minneapolis to downtown. (I love that view. Especially at sunrise.)


Seriously, do you miss Minnesota? Do you ever see yourself moving back there?

Hm, it's tough saying where I will move to after grad school. To an extent it's not really a matter of my preferences. Depends on where a good post-doc position opens up.