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vinegar and Excel

Okay, just to reassure you all (and I'm sure there are tons of you, ha) that I haven't forgotten the dear blog--

First, I have learned that vinegar is wonderful. It kills mold and mildew. In combination with baking soda, it unclogs drains. Check it out.

Second, does anyone know how to specify the size of the axes for the charts you make in Excel? Obviously, you can manually drag the entire chart to make it taller or wider, but I just want to change the length of an axis, and I'd like to specify the exact number of inches. So far I can't find how to do this.


Hi Karin,

Vinegar + baking soda . . . I may have to try that combination! Have you found the answer to your excel question? I'm afraid the last time I did anything excel related was years ago with those good old physics charts.

Hey Vivek --
Sorry I'm behind on responding to comments. I did indeed get an answer to the excel question, compliments of google. I ended up using some code via excel's Visual Basic Editor. It's not the most user-friendly interface, but it did get the job done.