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21 de Junio 2006

summer solstice

"It's a blessing to wash your face in the summer solstice rain..."

From a song that came out with Paul Simon's new album (yes, he has yet another new album).

According to weather.com, the sunset was at 8:51pm EDT. It is now 9:02, and I can't say it's really dark, but just kind of "blue," like it was before the sunrise at 5:51. So, yes, apparently we've been through a good 15 hours of sunshine. No summer solstice rain today, though I think heavy storms are coming tonight.

I woke up this morning to our good friend NPR, telling of forthcoming missle launches by Kim Jung Il. "We'll have a report later this morning about whether or not the United States could protect itself if North Korea launched a missle today." Yes, good morning to you too, NPR. And I think, is there something symbolic about the summer solstice, such that it portends nuclear annihilation? I think, I should try to be grateful for all the life and living of the first summer day, and not take for granted that North Korea hasn't nuked us.

This is the cheesy carpe diem thing I cannot do. Sometimes, when it is so beautiful, when it is cool and all I can hear (if I ignore background traffic noise) is the wind blowing through the trees-- then I think, if I could just stand here for a moment and appreciate it enough, it would never go away. 'Ridiculous the waste sad time stretching before and after' as Eliot wrote.....It is perhaps a typical Western notion of control-- a Western pathological illusion of control -- that I feel I can force time and nature to lie down in submission, rather than pulling me along into things that aren't as pretty, aren't as peaceful...Nothing I can do. But write a sentimental blog.