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19 de Noviembre 2006

it doesn't get any better than this

from nytimes today...


16 de Noviembre 2006


yet another commentary on that curse on civilization, the iPod:

Could Turn It Down, No?

15 de Noviembre 2006

more Dostoyevsky, same theme


"Do you know, Mitya, I shall go into a nunnery. No, I really shall one day...
But to-day let us dance. To-morrow to the nunnery, but to-day we'll dance.
I want to play to-day, good people, and what of it? God will forgive us.
If I were God, I'd forgive everyone: 'My dear sinners, from this day forth I forgive you.'
I'm going to beg forgiveness: 'Forgive me, good people, a silly wench.' I'm a beast,
that's what I am...Wicked as I've been, I want to pray. Mitya, let them dance, don't stop them.
Everyone in the world is good. Everyone- even the worst of them. The
world's a nice place. Though we're bad the world's all right. We're
good and bad, good and bad.... Come, tell me, I've something to ask
you: come here everyone, and I'll ask you: Why am I so good? You
know I am good. I'm very good.... Come, why am I so good?"