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21 de Enero 2007


(Dearest daughter . . . I have come to tend the blog . . .)

For ten years now we have owned two acres of land. The front acre is our home's yard, shaded by white pines, oaks, maples, and birches. But, the back acre sits vacant.

"What would you do with an acre of land?"

This acre in the middle of Illinois sits rather low compared to the front lot, but is well drained by lower land to the north and west. Save for a solitary pet grave, it is covered with native vegetation. The trees
(not many and not large) are for the most part Russian Olive and Wild Black Cherry --- trees with berries the birds love, hence their existence.

To the north and south lie the neighbors' back acres, neatly groomed with few or no trees and also vacant. Behind them all are fields with either corn or soy beans in season.

"The following restrictive covenants will be incorporated in the deed to each lot, and they will be legally binding on the owner and all aubsequent owners of the lot:

1. Each lot purchased under this option is exclusively for the personal and non-residential use of a single family unit.

2. No accessory building or structure and no house trailer, van, mobile home, or other shelter may be used as a residence on any lot purchased under this option.

3. All buildings and structures excepting driveways, fences, utility connections, and a water well shall be located at least 25 feet inside each property line of the lot which is not also a boundary line of other property belonging to the same owner.

4. No junk vehicle, bus, house trailer, vehicle designed to pull or carry freight, or other "Second Division Vehicle" may be parked or allowed to remain on the property more than 24 hours unless completely enclosed within a garage or other building.

5. Outdoor lighting visible for more than 15 minutes continuously shall be located and shaded so that its direct rays are confined within the property lot lines. High-intensity white light shall be directed downward only. Lighting intended to illuminate a large area shall be of low intensity and tinted.

6. Not more than two dogs and cats per acre-lot and no livestock other than one sheep per lot and two horses or ponies per lot may be maintained without written permission from the adjoining property owners. Animals must be fenced in or otherwise restricted to owner's property. The owner of the property shall prevent excessive barking and other unreasonable noise, unsanitary confinement areas, hazardous or intrusive to neighbors."

"Tell me . . . what would you do if it were yours?"