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15 de Mayo 2007

my first probably-not-annual list of hits and misses

Hello, here returns the most neglectful blogger ever.

It is a lovely day in Pittsburgh, PA, 7:55 p.m. with partly sunny skies, 80 deg F.

And I need something to write about.
My life is very mundane, so I thought I would talk about some of the various mundane products and diversions that surround my mundane life, and provide some mundane commentary so that you all may benefit from my mundane experiences.

a very good thing:
Andrew Bird

a musician that I discovered on epitonic, www.epitonic.com. Epitonic is a great website for finding new music but I swear they only update it once a year, if that. Anyways, you can access much of Andrew's music on his own website; specifically you should go to http://www.andrewbird.net/AV.htm His song "Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left" was so catchy and filled with so many bizarre lyrics that it somehow helped me get through my godawful master's thesis.

a good thing, if you can figure it out:
Nexcare bandages
How much more mundane can you get than band-aids? I'm still trying to decide what I think of these; I got the waterproof version. Because I am incapable of doing any practical activity that any normal human being can do, I had trouble learning how to apply these properly (yes, I had trouble putting on a band-aid. Yes, I am that incompetent.) But really, in my defense-- when was the last time you bought a pack of band-aids that came with instructions? They have this non-adhesive strip surrounding the edge of the bandage, and you're supposed to remove it once the adhesive material is stuck to your skin. But the thing is that if you're trying to wrap a finger, then the non-adhesive material on one end gets buried underneath the overlapping end, so you have to try to remove that part before you've actually put the band-aid all the way on, but when you do that the adhesive part gets all bunched up and sticks to itself and then because it has the supernatural stickiness of a 3M product, you have to give up and get a new band-aid.
However, if you can actually get it on, it's the best band-aid ever. Never slides off. Not even a little bit.

it should be a good thing but it sticks to your teeth:
Glee Gum
T-Gum Box S.jpg

Today I made another indulgent trip to Whole Foods. There are certain things I always end up buying in whole foods. Like overpriced fancy yogurts. And overpriced fancy juices. And their wonderful 'everything' bagels. And, since I often feel that I could handle life just a smidge better if I could take out my angst on a piece of gum, I often buy some of the "Glee Gum" that they sell there. There are few chewing gum options at the Pittsburgh Whole Foods -- so far as I can tell, just Glee Gum and this gum that supposedly has tea in it. So I get the Glee Gum, which is made of "Rainforest Chicle, the way gum used to be made." On the box there is a jumping, apparently "gleeful" cartoon character next to a caption that says "FINALLY! ALL NATURAL GUM!" Here's the problem with all natural gum-- it sticks to your teeth like I can't tell you. Or at least, it sticks to mine (perhaps because a select few of my teeth are less than all-natural?) Anyways, I don't know why I keep buying it, except in order to satisfy a thoughtless gum addiction, because every time I chew it I end up scraping out bright orange gum bits with my toothbrush.

Anyways, on that note, everyone have a good week, please share if you'd like to comment on bandaids or music or all-natural gum or whatever else occupies your lives right now.