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28 de Julio 2007

Hillary's letters

So the New York Times got a hold of a set of personal letters that Hillary Clinton wrote to a friend while attending Wellesley. This does in a sense feel like an intrusion into the woman's privacy, but I have to admit, they are really interesting. What I'm imagining is that her campaign will be very defensive about the whole thing, which is unfortunate, because there are some very honest comments in there that I think reveal more depth, candor, and humanity than politics has generally let her show.

In the 60's, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out

17 de Julio 2007

And, besides, who isn’t suffering from aberration, nowadays?

So, making progress through the Brothers K, thought I would keep you all up to date with where I am. There's some fantastic passages with Madame Hohlakov; I'm reading one right now where she's talking with Aloysha about Mitya's upcoming trial. What's impressive is that back in Dostoyevsky's day they were already dealing with the whole notion of an insanity defense. Interesting. Click here to see the part that I'm reading now. (You have to go a few pages in to get to the part about the aberration).

7 de Julio 2007

I am about to go for a run. Does that make me a right-wing individualist?

A somewhat amusing take on French President Nicolas Sarkozy's running habit, originally cited by artsandlettersdaily.com.http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article2022804.ece