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Trailer Park Boys

Now that we have watched Kenneth Anger's seminal Avant-Garde short, "Scorpio Rising." I want/require you to post your critical response to the film. If you want a touch more background info look it up on imdb or a quick synopsis on wikipedia. Post now, post often. EDIT: As you know, we watched TPB instead. Same Rules apply.


The "Trailer Park Boys" was made as a satirical documentary poking fun at the concept of a general election. It showed that despite all the backstabbing and deals being made behind the scene, it all came down to how the ever so confident Sam cracked under the pressure and the incredibly drunken Jim was able to put on a great speech. As a member of my group mentioned, this was very similar to the Nixon/Kennedy election.

Another aspect of this show that you couldn't deny was there was your stereotypical view of what you thought a trailer park should be. The thing that worked was the stereotypes and name calling were so open and upfront, that you were able to laugh even though the content matter was offensive.

The way the show was shot was similar to, "the Office," where nothing important ever happens, yet you still are compelled to watch. Like "the Office," the editing jumped all over the place. This show focused on the whole trailer for a while but every now and then, it focused on a smaller group of people. This allowed the viewer to see the personal side of the characters and what their true feelings were.

The kind of like a sitcom, but not like a sitcom, "Trailer Park Boys" is a semi-realistic and entertaining show.
Let me just say, that the acting was horrible, but portrayed the lifestyle of a trailer park-the swearing, the way they talked, drinking, and all the other stuff people would be offended of, but turned out to be entertaining.
I personally did not think it was hilarious, but it was entertaining, mainly because I don't think it could ever happen in actual reality.

The “Trailer Park Boys� episode seemed to poke fun at general elections. The group I was in, thought that resembled the smear campaigns. However, in this case they both start out looking bad and slowly get worse. The group compared this small election to the Nixon/Kennedy election by my group. The speeches made for trailer park supervisor candidates, closely resembles the speeches given by Kennedy and Nixon. The group thought that appearance was a major factor for winning the election. Since the Nixon/Kennedy election was also based on appearance, which is where we made the connection. However, since both candidates looked about the same for the speeches, it was dependent upon the speech.

The Trailer Park Boys took the extreme end of people who live in a trailer park, and was seen only from the stereotypical view. Sure, trailer parks do appear to be a little on the dirty side, however, not all of them are that grimy. Also, the way the trailer park residents were portrayed was a wee bit off. Just because those people don't have as much money, doesn't mean that all of their clothes are from the 80's, as well as the hairstyles to accompany it.
Another stereotype that was used in the Trailer Park Boys was the political election. For example, the candidates in the show only tried to make their opponent look bad, instead of concentrating on developing a good campaign. This is true in some elections still today. However, I don't that the police would let a man they just arrested for drunk driving give his political speech. I'm also not quite sure that in a real election, the old drunk man would be the one who wins the entire election.

The show “trailer Park Boys� took a very passive aggressive approach to social issues. Through this overblown and outright funny group of stereotyped perfections the show spotlights the issue of the democratic practice. It shows us that no one really has a choice when you are given only bad options in the first place. Through the show we are shown how terrible the candidates are; one only cares about the position because of the benefits and one just can’t do the job. In current democracy it is about the same thing we are given the two people to vote for and neither may be worthy of our vote in our eyes. In the end however they do show that the person who cares about the people they want to lead will come through as the right choice.

The episode of "Trailer Park Boys" we watched demonstrates and makes fun of elections. It made fun of the competition between candidates and portrayed how they attack each other more than they argue for themselves or present their own views. Also, this episode demonstrated how one candidate usually relates more to the people and the other relates more to moral values.

Another aspect of elections that "Trailer Park Boys" portrayed and made fun of was the general public. It showed how easily people swayed from side to side in the last scene where Jim gave his speech and the crowd went from hating him to being on his side. In the episode and in real life, the media was bought off and was used to try to win people over to one side. The episode also discussed how, as a voter, you may not be completely swayed by either candidate, so you just have to choose the one you like more.

The episode of "Trailer Park Boys" made fun of elections. They showed that people aren't realistic in their campaigns and definitely sway people to vote for them with untrue statements. It is sort of an unrealistic look at an election, but none the less showed the election as it really is they just added a little "trailer trash" to it. By using a trailer park, and the stereotypes that come with trailer parks it gave you the sense that elections really aren't that important and that some people may be passionate about them, but in the end they use deception to get what they want. I think while watching this episode it was entertaining and sometimes funny, but overall was very unrealistic of how trailer parks are. I suppose the whole show is based on making fun of the people and their way of life, but overall does relate to the real world and non-trailer park people.

"Trailer Park Boys" Pretty sure its the greatest "sit-com" ever. I thought that the way that it was filmed, having a very home-movie feel, made the show feel more realistic. By that I mean, if one were living in a trailer park and was filming thier life, they wouldn't have amazing special effects, or stuning audio. It would be a reflection of how one's life was. Kinda Trailer park-ish. I also felt that the episode "Jim Lyhee Is a Drunk Bastard" was a very appropriate title for something having to do with trailer parks. I feel that the way the show is filmed is reminicent of a real trailer park.

this movie goes to show that politicians cant really do alot on thier own they always need help from their right hand man. Jim Lyhee is the main example that shows it cause with out his partner that was with him for so long he just went down hill. He couldnt exactly keep the park up to top shape like he used to and he also turned to a big drunk bastard. Who cant take care of his priorites. Then once his old partner showed up he was able to show every one that he was the man for the job.

Trailer Park Boys demonstrats the absurdity of the events surrounding an election. Supporters of either candidate do not really know what issues are being addressed. They show their support for their candidate by ridiculing and trying to sabotage the competitor instead if promoting their stances on issues at hand. The candidates try to buy supporters. The perfect example is how LyHee's opposition tried to get some kids to put up signs ridiculing LyHee in exchange for hot dogs. Trailer Park Boys accurately portrays the absurdity of elections.

I thought that this sitcom had some problems. While it was funny and had its moments, it failed to entice me. The entire episode felt like I was watching a movie made by my roommates with pauses for weak lines. The problems are real, but also less than average. The saving grace of this sitcom is that it captures the feeling of a trailer park. The setting is very accurate and it manages to play off of many stereotypes. the bad cars, heavy drinking and drug tendencies are all things that people want to relate to with trailer parks. If given the chance I don't know if I would watch another. I guess I would just because one episode is not enough to base a opinion off of. Each episode has a specific feel and so giving it another chance might be worthwhile.

Canadians, as a people, are wonderfully charming and quaint, based on a stereotype that I formed from watching too much South Park. However, like all good things Canadians have their dark side. Namely, Jim Lahey and Celine Dion. The documentary, Trailer Park Boys, gives us a scintillating and highly accurate look at this steamy underbelly of Canadian life.

Throughout the entire episode of "Trailer Park Boys", the stereotypes of people living in trailer parks were exaggerated. The trailer park itself looked trashy and run-down. The characters in the sitcom constantly swore and called each other names. The actors also over-acted. For example, Jim was always extremely drunk and not able to walk on his own.
The camera angles in the sitcom were also unique. The shots did not look professional, and the whole show looked like it was filmed by somebody at their house.

As the title suggested, I think that Jim Lahey really was a drunken bastard. Technecially, I don't think he does make a good park supervisor. However, the trailer park is his home and it is all he has. I think the show was a good example of how friends should support other friends. When faced with the possibility of losing Jim, his friends jumped into action. While some of the things they did to help Jim keep his job were illegal, the fact that they worked so hard, showed how much they cared. I didn't see much other value in the show but I did like the commitment and dedication Jim and his friends had to keeping their "family" together.

"Trailor Park Boys" was an intresting show that gave a different view on trailor parks. Well maybe different isn't so much the word as is overly stereotypical. Everyone in the show seemed to overly portray people that actually do live in trailor parks. People were drunk all the time, there was garbage everywhere, you could get shrooms in a matter of 5 minutes and there were people who insisted on not wearing a shirt. Now I know that trailor parks have people like these, but not to the extent that this show has them at. This made the show more entertaining but it also made more of an impression on me. Also the way the camera was used seemed not as professional as other sitcoms. I could almost picture it as some person living in hte trailor park just wanted to document everything that goes on around them during typical days. So I thought that was pretty insightful as well.

“Trailer Park Boys� was like a reality show and sitcom combined, it was in its own way entertaining. I didn’t personally find it to be hilarious but it got a simile out of it. I can defiantly see people really enjoying the show though with that type of sense of humor. The show poked fun at a standard social issue of General election. They took something so common and related it to a “Trailer Trash� theme, to add a new spin on the situation and make it funny. I liked it because it took something that is taken so serious in the world and made you laugh with it.

The sitcom "Trailer Park Boys," gave us an extreme view on life at a trailer park. I feel like the show did a good job on the sterotypes that people might associate with trailer parks, although they took it above and beyond. The sitcom also took the very boring subject of an election and made it interesting. The election in itself was portrayed in a very real way, however they made it funny by once again taking everything to an extreme. I found this sitcom entertaining and mildly hilarious.

The Canadian sitcom "Trailer Park Boys" takes real life events and puts them into the extreme of that certain situation. The episode that we watched in class, poked fun of the general elections. It showed how ridiculous some political campaigns are, and how absurd some get close to the election date. It showed how some politicians are so intimidated by their competition, that they have to take personal shots at the other. Some politicians do not have good enough material, so to back them up they need to go up against the other politician personally, rather than go up against them with their view on a certain issue.

the sitcom "trailer park boys" was an unrealistic and stereotypical view of the lifestyle of people living in trailer parks. The people were seen as rude, trashy, and no very smart, just because they were living somewhere that was not very nice and clean. It was unrealistic because there are not real elections held in trailer parks and the outrageous, illegal behavior was not stopped by the police.

The sitcom "trailer park boys" was an over exxagerated view on trailer park life. I didnt feel like they used female characters enough, which if you think about itcould add so much to the humor. Also the mushroom scene could have been played out much more, but the reality of the hand held camera, made the trailer park life style seem that much more cheap and that much more hilarious!

'Trailer Park Boys' highlighted some of the stereotypes of the people living in trailer parks like the drunken Jim Lahey, and the man who refused to wear his shirt. Also, the political election happening in the sitcom was an example of a stereotype. I felt as if the sitcom went over some issues within the trailer park where everyone seemed to be so ignorant about the progress of the park. The show however, was hilarious as it pokes fun at the general election.

The episode of "Trailer Park Boys" we viewed in class showed an exaggerated view of elections. In this episode, canidates (and those working for the canidates) were shown sabatoging each other. There was also a lot of effort to get the press involved, which is also prominant in elections. While one of the canidates was obviously the better choice, things are not always what they seem. Although he may have not been a drunk, we see that he was not the right canidate for the park supervisor. All in all, this film shows in a hilarious way how elections are portrayed in a smaller sense.

The "Trailer Park Boys" episode basically takes a look into the election into the election for the title of trailer park supervisor. The two main candidates, Jim Lahey and Sam Losco are both men that appear to have problems staying sober. This epsiode uses humor to represent the humor and satire that can occur within the context of elections. It also shows that men often take action that supports their own desires. Julian realizes that his plan for retirement may be in jeopardy if Lahey looses, so he does his best to make sure that he sobers up for the campaign. This episode portrays the elections that take place in the trailer park in a humorous way. The acting is not very good, but the humor is. The whole point of the episode appears to be the humor within elections.

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