Assignment 4: Argument

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The Spanish Golden age was characterized by a drastically changing world view. In science, discoveries were being made that the Earth might not be the center of the universe, that the Sun had taken over for man as the all powerful center of everything. Man's place in the universe was now being reexamined and a new fascination of the mystical and unexplainable was taking over in Golden Age Society. The Arts and Sciences, which had been consistently connected for years, were making a split. The world of science was moving forward while the arts were remaining behind in the old Ptolemaic system. Calderon, like Milton in Protestant England, was ahead of his time in that he was exploring these new themes of man's place in a larger, mystical, unexplainable universe. Our argument is to present how Calderon reflected Golden Age themes, politics, and religious ideals back to a Golden Age audience. We will present our argument by beginning with an overview of the Spanish Golden Age timeline, then describe Calderon himself and his life. This will be to familiarize the class with the basics before going into more detail. We will first discuss politics, then relate it back to the play Life is a Dream and Calderonian theatre. We will repeat this process with religion, themes and staging, and critiques of his works. Always relating our research back to Calderon and the text we have chosen to focus on. We will conclude with brief research on comparing Calderon and Shakespeare, as an added interesting tidbit for the class to think on. We have a video to refer back to as we go as well. It features a drama class's "staging" of Life is a Dream. It's quite funny and it highlights all of the main points of our argument and presentation. It will provide a good flow and consistency to our final showing.

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Hi all,

You have a really solid argument that you want to communicate and are finding a good way of fitting the specifics of Calderon into a more general framework of what was happening during the Spanish Golden Age. I like that you've scaled back the degree to which you'll be emphasizing the Shakespeare/Calderon connection - remember that your research into this was not necessarily in vain since it will (hopefully) provide useful insights in your journaling on the project.

My only worry is that you might be trying to do a bit too much within your allotted time, particularly with the new addition of the video. Be sure that you are writing out what you intend to say and timing it so that you are sure you can deliver the individual pieces of the presentation concisely.

Great work overall!

Grade: 98%

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