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We will create a powerpoint presentation in which we will each have our own slides to create based on our individual research. We will then connect our ideas to create a presentation that flows smoothly while we transition from one topic to another. We will present images to give the class an idea of what Spanish Golden age theatre looked like, provide quotes from the text of the play Life is a Dream and compare/contrast specific lines from multiple translations, and connect the play to its social and political contexts of its time. There is a lot of detailed information about this age, we have narrowed down time frame to about 1630s to 1660s. However, we have already done the basics of the "Divide and Conquer" exercise by dividing up what specifics we will each research surrounding the play Life is a Dream and the years during which it was written and existed. There will be plenty of information to fill 20 minutes, and likewise limiting ourselves to only 20 minutes with make us keep our topics specific but brief. The powerpoint will allow us to be clear, concise, and brief.

We are also taking into account that further research could change this in the long run. We might come across something we can actually present in person to the class. We might find an audio example of specific music used at the time. We do not know yet because we cannot know yet. Further research will reveal all in good time.

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Hi all,

The powerpoint presentation sounds like an effective way to discuss this time period, and you justify it well in that there will be lots of info to pack into your brief presentation. It's great that you're already thinking about how you might insert things like audio samples and to make the overall presentation more dynamic, but keep in mind that in addition to the powerpoint there will also be a lecture component of your presentation. Finding ways to engage the class with energy and present ideas coherently and creatively will be essential to having an exciting presentation.

Great work!

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