Week #2

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I've been thinking about the best way to find some critiques and reviews of Calderon's and other Spanish theater playwrights. I wanted to find some variety in critiques of the plays and specifically Life Is a Dream. I think it would be interesting and useful to see different modern opinions of Calderon's play as well as opinions of these critiques and reviews.

I discovered a review of Voltaire's critique's of Life Is a Dream. It was incredibly interesting to read Voltaire's opinions and ideas of Calderon and how he wasn't a fan of Spanish theater in general. Voltaire also translated some of Calderon's work. I found that his translations are often compacted and more "straight to the point" and focuses on the plot versus the wording and poetry of writings. The overall theme and idea comes through, but the reviewer states that the "tone" is different. The other review I found was a critique of a 1970 English translation. This reviewer seems to know quite a bit about Calderon and Spanish theater, and he is very pleased with the translation. He almost rejoices in the way that the translator brings through the beauty of Calderon's writing and does justice to writer himself.

It's great to know how to dig through articles and enter the correct keywords for what I want to find. Also how to read through articles or research briefly in order to find if it is about what I wanted and/or what research I was looking for.

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