Week #3

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This week we wanted to focus on putting everything together. I was ill, so I wasn't in class, but Cate kindly filled me in on what I needed to do and what the goal of today was. I just needed to finish editing and annotating my few sources and finish putting in my information on the critiques and on Calderon himself. I re-read my articles to make sure I had all of the information I needed and wanted to put into my annotations and my slides. I then entered everything and was done with that portion. The next thing I wanted to work was familiarizing myself with our entire presentation process and progression of the slides.

This process has been difficult and trying, but it has also been really useful to know how my group works together and how to find our sections and making sure our topic stayed narrow and focused. I'm grateful for my group members understanding and help as well as our ability to work together fairly easily. We didn't encounter any huge problems or conflicts, and we also were able to divide up our work load right away and equally without fuss. This process had taught me a lot about big group projects and how to research and break down the topic as quickly as possible. By keeping our topic as narrow as possible, we were able to find deeper information instead of just a lot of information. This was great because we wanted to give a general overview of the Spanish Golden Age, but focus on what that meant for our playwright, Calderon, and the theater of time. I think we accomplished that to the best of our ability, and that our information was relevant and directed how we wanted it to be.

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