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Week #4-Final Entry

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I felt pretty good about our presentation. I thought that our information was focused and comprehensible. We had a solid overview of the Spanish Golden Age itself, and how the events that occurred affected how theater and playwriting evolved because of this happenings. I believe that our information was tied together with the analysis of Life Is a Dream and with information on Pedro Calderon. One thing I wish we would have done is have time to run through the whole thing together once. I think the presentation could have been ordered slightly different to help tie everything back to our argument a bit better. Overall, I think everything worked together well. The other thing I wish we would have remembered to do was tie back to how it affects theater now. However, Everyone seemed to understand what we were talking about and how the themes of the Golden Age and theater tied together. Also, I really liked the play that we focused on. Life Is a Dream is a beautiful play and there were many translations to analyze and how those translations affect interpretations.

The other presentations were really interesting. I learned a lot in a quick amount of time. The information that the groups gave was interesting and clear. We understood the point(s) they were making and they all had some humor and lightness to the given ideas. I liked that everyone had some humorous approches because it makes the information easier to understand and retain. I think the flow could have been better for some of them, but overall I thought that it was a good way of work!

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