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This week I've been thinking about how we're going to narrow down the broad topic on the Spanish Golden Age, and what we should focus on for our presentation. I was thinking along the lines of focusing on a few plays and/or playwrights of the time and how they interact and reflect the time in Spain. I've also been thinking about what the Spanish Golden Age actually is and what it meant for Spain and the rest of Europe in the arts and in politics and society.

While researching in class today, I discovered several useful websites that has information on Calderon and his works. We also found some great books that supplement our play and the theater of the time and different translations of the text we're going to focus on. We also learned a lot about what the Golden Age is, and how we are going to approach it.

When looking at a time period of a play, knowing how to approach it and narrow it down right away is a great help. I can be in a production and research the playwright, the time and society and those three things automatically give me a better frame of reference of what is important to find for a character or the production as a whole.

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Hi Carly,

In future entries, could you please list the date so I know when the entry begins and ends?

This is a solid first entry - at the outset, you should have lots of questions and avenues of proceeding. As you continue journaling, though, I'd like to see you talking through these broad thoughts with more specificity. When you find useful websites, for instance, document those and talk about why they were useful. Or when you say "I've been thinking about what the Spanish Golden Age actually is," take some time to list out what you think and how your research has helped shape your thinking.


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