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Finally presentation day has come and passed. I am very happy with all of the hard work my group has done to make this presentation come together. I'm glad we got the topic we did because I found it very interesting and easy to get excited about. We picked a good play and I believe we made the presentation truely entertaining and informative. As for myself, I know that I did not put a lot on the slides but choose to talk more about my topic. I liked the idea of being able to explain what I had been thinking about as I researched this. I think one of the things I didn't like about my personal performance in class today was the fact that in the concern of time I skipped over some things that I had considered important. I think all together our group did good but the constraint of time definately weighed on us and there were parts that we rushed because we simply had so much information. I think compared to the other groups that went today we did not do too bad with the time element. I really like the Tudor group because they were very minimilist with the words on their slides and did more explaining than reading which I liked. I also liked the first group's video example of their form of theater. The last group was so entertaining that I found it very easy to pay attention and listen and learn what they were teaching me. All in all, I thought all of the presentation today went very well and I gotta say I'm happy that I can now sit back and relax while I learn about different forms of cultural theater.

Week 3
This week the final touches were added on to the presentation information and all we have to do is add it to the powerpoint. Our project research is done and all we have to do is think of what exactly we are going to say and outline it on the powerpoint. Essentially the hard part is done (in my opinion). Throughout my research I've kept track of the good points and after researching all the information on my chosen portion of the topic, I have a very good idea of what I am going to say. I'm glad that I researched the political and religious happenings of the time before I read the play, that way I knew what to look for and it made the final interpretation that much more solid. I believe that every member of the group is working hard and our communication is extremely good as I believe we are truely ready to go.

Week 2
This week the physical shape of our project started to take place. It was a very strong week for us as we clearly defined what each member of the group was going to contribute and what form our end product would take. This gave us a more concrete idea of what we were aiming toward with our research. We continue to research our topics. I am currently reading a few articles on the social and political state of Spain and what Calderon might have been trying to say about these within his work. Spain was at war and as a priest Calderon must have had very strong opinions about the attack on the Holy Roman Empire. I feel that as a group we work very strongly together. There is a good sense of communication and we work very easily during class.

Week 1
This week we got started on our project! I'm really looking forward to this because I like my group members and I really like our topic. Listening to the other possibilities, I'm really happy we got a topic that I am truly interested in learning more about. This week we all brought different ideas to class on what we wanted to study specifically. I like the play we chose because I think it represents the major historical aspects of that period of time. We then divided certain elements of the project. I offered to connect the social themes of the play with the social issues and events of the time. Historically, there were a lot of things going on at the time, religious issues throughout Europe and Spain was engaged in war. The authors opinion of these social issues is usually represented in their work and I am interested to see how they are addressed in the play.

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Good work on these entries. Some quick observations:

Entry 3 - Good point about the usefulness of doing contextual research before reading the play. An alternative approach is to read the play first, and use that experience to gauge what kinds of info you need to know (so then you don't have to look through ALL the information on the age). After finding this, it would, of course, then be helpful to read the play a second time.

Last entry - You have some great discussion about the other groups; rather than comparing the groups in terms of style, think about how you can talk about the arguments that the groups presented. What points were they trying to get across? Were you persuaded? What info did they give to help support this argument?

Great work on these overall!


Final grade: 87%

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