November 15, 2008

Carson Mall Conitunes Plans to Renovate

The Carson Mall has lost a few businesses recently but is attracting new stores that will improve the mall as it goes through a renovation, according to mall representative Kevin Ray, the Nevada Appeal reported.
Although Thunder Road Biker Apparel and Carl’s Imaging Works have relocated, Tux Town, Charley’s Grilled Subs and L&L Hawaiian Barbecue are moving in soon, the Nevada Appeal reported.
The mall plans to add on a 3,000-square-foot outdoor seating area along with a bakery and a café as part of the new and existing businesses in order to attract more customers, the article said.
The mall announced last year it’s five-year, $12 million expansion that would add 20 stores, but right now representatives say they are focusing on the first phase as the entire expansion is being re-evaluated, the Nevada Appeal reported.

November 5, 2008

Carson City Gets a New Mayor

Bob Crowell is Carson City’s new mayor, reported the Nevada Appeal.
Crowell, who will take over as mayor of Nevada’s capital city in January when three-term Mayor Marv Teixeira retires, won 58 percent of the 21,856 votes cast in the race against Haskins, who received 42 percent, reports Nevada Appeal.
According to the article, Crowell, a 62-year-old school board member, raised more than four times as much money as Haskins in the race and promoted issues during the race including an attractive downtown, regional cooperation, public safety, a strong economy and finishing the bypass.
Crowell will retire from the school board at the end of the year but stay at his law firm. He said he will make sure his work there does not interfere with his city job, however, reported the Nevada Appeal.

October 30, 2008

Nevada Celebrates Its Statehood

Nevada celebrates it 144th year as a state Friday with a parade, reports the Nevada Appeal.
Many local school children get involved in the celebration, including the students at Bordewich-Bray Elementary School.
“It’s a tradition,? said Principal Valerie Dockery. “The teachers really get involved and the community gets involved. It’s a nice way to teach kids about the history of Nevada,? the Nevada Appeal reported.
“If you live in the state, you need to know about it,? she said. “If a tourist comes and asks you, you can answer their questions,? said Fabiola Mata, 11, Bordewich-Bray student as reported by the Nevada Appeal.
The article also sais the first celebration was organized by then-aide Gene Brown in 1999 as a half-day event with the younger grades. It has since grown to a schoolwide activity taking up the entire day in honor of Nevada’s admittance to the union Oct. 31, 1864.

October 10, 2008

Elderly Woman Cited for Dog Abandonment on More Than One Occasion

An elderly woman, who has been cited at least twice before for hoarding animals in Churchill County, was cited for the same problem in Carson City this week, the Nevada Appeal reported.
Animal Services found more than two dozen dogs that Stella Cook, 81, allegedly abandoned in a rental home when she moved out, said Carson City Animal Services Supervisor Pat Wiggins.
At least six of the dogs were small mixed-Labrador and were euthanized for aggressive behavior or illness. Three of them are in foster care. Two of the dogs have been adopted by families and three of them remain at Animal Services, including a pregnant female, the Nevada Appeal reported.
Cook must appear in court on Oct. 28 on a misdemeanor charge of abandoning animals and another charge of overcrowding, reported the Nevada Appeal.
According to a 2006 article in the Lahontan Valley News, members of Fallon Animal Control removed 23 dogs from a home owned by Cook there. Seven others dogs were recovered around the property, and all 30 were destroyed due to behavioral and inbreeding issues. And six years prior, more than 100 dogs were also taken from Cook and had to be destroyed, according to reports in the Lahontan Valley News, reported the Nevada Appeal.

October 2, 2008

Nevada's Capitol Newspaper Wins 12 Awards

The Nevada Appeal was received 12 awards at the Nevada Press Association’s 2008 “Better Newspaper Contest,? the Nevada Appeal reported.
The Appeal competed in Class I, which are daily newspapers with circulation of 15,000 or more, won the following awards: Story of the Year honorable mention for “Imprisoned by Meth by Teri Vance, Best Spot News Story second place for “Canine land shark? by F.T. Norton, Best News Feature Story second place for “You just don’t steal from the dead? by F.T. Norton, Best Investigative or In-depth Story of Series third place for “Imprisoned by Meth? by Teri Vance, Best Local Sports Feature second place for “Kelvin’s journey? by Mike Houser, Best Spot News Photo Coverage second place for “Parking lot shooting? by Brad Horn, Best Feature Photo first place for “Bear Chug? by Chad Lundquist, Best Special Section first place for “2008 Health and Wellness Directory,? second place for “Sierra Nevada Boomers? and third place for “The Great Reno Balloon Race? and Best In-house Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising and Editorial third place for “Classified promotion: You’ve got it. Somebody wants it? by Lynette Cameron and Joanna Vernarecci and honorable mention for “Community Awards contest? by Lynette Cameron, the Nevada Appeal reported.

September 24, 2008

Official Count Shows Dip in School Enrollment

The official count day on Friday showed a dip in enrollment for all Carson City schools.
Carson City’s overall numbers dropped from 8,174 last school year to 8,009 this year, reported the Nevada Appeal. The dip in enrollment numbers will impact the amount of state funding the district will receive.
This came as no surprise to Carson City Superintendent Richard Stokes.
“We have actually been declining since 2003, so this is a trend that we’ve seen for several years now, and it appears to be continuing,? he said reported the Nevada Appeal.
Stokes attributes the decline in enrollment numbers to the housing prices in Carson City which are still higher than younger families can afford.

September 17, 2008

Sheriff Accused of Illegal Conduct

Two men said Sheriff used the sheriff’s building to illegally promote a ballot question, the Nevada Appeal reported.
Sheriff, Kenny Furlong, denies the accusation that he used the sheriff’s building to promote the ballot question he and Fire Chief, Stacey Giomi, designed, which raised property taxes for the fire and sheriff’s departments.
According to the article, the accusations were filed with the Nevada Secretary of State Friday by John Wagner and Ron Alexander, who wrote the opposing viewpoint to the previously mentioned ballot question.
Wagner said Furlong clearly violated an ethics law when he hosted on Thursday the first of several scheduled debates on the ballot question between candidates for city offices, the Nevada Appeal reported.
State law under Nevada Revised Statute 281 says politicians or public employees “shall not request or otherwise cause a governmental entity to incur an expense or make an expenditure? supporting a ballot question.
Wagner said he does not want Furlong to get fired. He just wants Furlong to stop hosting the events, the article said.

September 11, 2008

Hometown High School Revamps Athletic Complex

For the first time in four years, Carson High School will finally be able to hold its first home track meet with its newly resurfaced track, reported the Nevada Appeal.
As part of a beautification project, the school has also refurbished the football field and bleachers with part of the $25 million school bond passed by voters in 2006. Of that money, $2.5 million of it was dedicated to the high school’s athletic complex.
According to the Nevada Appeal, the Carson High School athletic staff is very happy with these improvements because it will be beneficial for their athletes.