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Catching Up: Some Spring 2011 Student Accomplishments

Long time, no speak, and yet our candidates continue their strong performances outside of the classroom. Check out some of our current student accomplishments after the jump.

Brian Laidlaw's poems "The Farrier's File" and "Dead Pony Recapitulation" will appear in the next issue of KNOCK.

Poets Sarah Fox and Chrissy Friedlander recently spoke about love poetry on Radio K's Culture Queue .

Feng Sun Chen has a book of poetry forthcoming from Black Ocean in 2012 entitled Hunger Transit. Her chapbook, Ugly Fish, will be published by Radioactive Moat this spring, and her work will also be featured in issue 11 of Kill Author this month.

Amir Hussain will be reading eco-centered poems as a graduate student participant at the ASLE 2011 Conference "Species, Space, and the Imagination of the Global," June 21-26, at Indiana University: http://www.indiana.edu/~asle2011/index.shtml.

Rose Hansen has written an article on sled dog races that will be published in the March/April 2011 issue of Mushing Magazine.

Alex Grant's poem "Lurebait" will be published in the January issue of The Scrambler. His poem "My Dead Sister is a PVC Pipe" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Forklift, OH.

Adriane Quinlan has won a James Reston Reporting Fellowship from The New York Times. She will spend the summer reporting from the paper's Metro desk. Adriane also had part of a memoir published about her job as a speed typist for the Ministry of Propaganda during the 2008 Olympics in the literary journal, N+1 last month. http://nplusonemag.com/pr-for-the-prc

David LeGault's essay, "I am a Fan of Charles Martin Smith," will be published in the upcoming issue of Ninth Letter. "Revision and Collapse," will be published in the Spring 2012 (14.1) issue of Fourth Genre.

Brian Laidlaw's poem "Bearing Straight" will appear in the next issue of Lungfull! Magazine. His poem "Elegy for the Analog Lore" was recently featured in Abjective. He has accepted a position as adjunct instructor of Music at McNally Smith. His poems "Pony Expressions," "Atlas at Last," "Homegoing," "Anecdote for Fathers," and "Self Portrait Lakeside" have recently been accepted for publication at The Iowa Review. Brian Laidlaw had two poems, "Grace Amends" and "Cooling Board," accepted by New American Writing. "Haploid Love Poem," "Furvert Love Poem," "Bitch Creek," "Thank You for the Sky," and "Yes Lets" have been accepted by No Tell Motel and will be published later this month. "Small Water" and "Nettles" will appear in the next issue of Cutbank.

Mary Chen's work was featured in Strange Machine Issue 5, and her poem "Glitter" was one of the finalists for the Palooka People's Choice Award.

Beloit Poetry Journal accepted Amir Hussain's "Night Poem" for publication in its upcoming Winter/Spring issue. A poem and ecopoetic statement by Amir appears online at Poets for Living Waters, a poetry response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: http://poetsgulfcoast.wordpress.com/

Isaac Butler's essay "Chronicle of An Award Ungiven" is in January's issue of American Theatre magazine.

Lucas de Lima has a poem in the new ABJECTIVE: http://abjective.net/

Colleen Coyne's poem "The Kitchen Ghost" is a winner of the 2010 mnLIT "What Light" Poetry Project and will be published on mnartists.org and magersandquinn.com in November. Two of Colleen poems, "Host" and "Flicker," will appear in the upcoming "Safe" issue of Women's Studies Quarterly (Spring/Summer 2011).

Kate Petersen has two new publications: "Suffolk Downs" in Hobart Pulp, http://hobartpulp.com, and "State and Milk" (forthcoming) in the fall 2010 issue of The Pinch.

Sally Franson's poem, "New York Poem" will be featured in BAP Quarterly's upcoming NYC issue. http://www.bapq.net/

Sarah Fox and Lucas de Lima are now contributing to the multi-authored literary blog, Montevidayo: http://www.montevidayo.com. Sarah also has poems forthcoming in Spout Magazine and Action, Yes: http://actionyes.org

Molly Sutton Kiefer has three poems in the anthology From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens and it is available for pre-order here: http://shashtin.com/FromOFG.html. Her poem "The Recent History of Middle Sand Land (II)" was been published in Tattoo Highway: http://www.tattoohighway.org/20/mkrecent.html She was the winner of the Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press chapbook award for her manuscript, The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake. The book was published in December 2010. http://home.earthlink.net/~astoundingbeautyruffianpress/

A section of Chrissy Friedlander's long poem "On the Subject of Tornadoes" will appear in the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Fugue.


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