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Friday has eyes the color of forgetting

On Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 author Jenny Boully, who is the Edelstein-Keller Visiting Writer, will be doing a reading in the Upson Room of Walter Library. Tell your smart phone that you need to be there at 7:30 p.m.! Boully's work is known for tripping/skipping across genres, for playing with form, and for sentences that are as deeply weird as they are deeply beautiful.

Here is an excerpt from her new book, not merely because of the unknown
that was stalking toward them, which reads between the lines of J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy:

The Home Under Ground

Wendy, have you quite come to terms with what it means to fly home? I don't quite think so; you see, I've a certain crick in my neck from all of that spinning, and the applying of various poultices--Tiger Lily's pussy lard and Peter's toe jam--haven't quite been working, although Tiger Lily's father quite said they would. So, no, I haven't actually been thinking too much on what it means to fly home. Why don't you tell me.***

aroma; it's ever-so-much stronger than you might think. The business trip will take eleven days; will you be quite lonesome without. Me? The doves all crying; why, yes, you've guessed it, Wendy! In the eaves. Don't be. So sad. Isn't this exactly the kind of life you imagined. For me? Oh, no. Oh, no. There will be no lovenotes sent to you in starcode; the boss simply won't allow. It. If you like, maybe you could leave. A note with the secretary. She'll be happy. To help. You. This, I know. For certain. She's always so eager. To please. But you mustn't. Cry, Wendy. That won't do; that won't do. At all. Oh, there! Will you look at. The time. It's about time, really. It's about time that. I got going. And what's that, you say? The cradle? We'll discuss it. Later. When I get back. Home. Isn't it a wonder? Really. That belly of yours is really. A wonder. Quite.
The look in his eyes: it is delicious. His eyes say that he'd like to shred Hook to pieces with his good sword, the sword that cut Hook's hand off, and not his hobby one. But sometimes he'll mistake the good sword for the hobby sword: this can make a meeting with anything

(This excerpt comes from Requited.)


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