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Wipe Your Feet Before Entering These Links

-The formidable folks at Rain Taxi are hosting the annual Twin Cities Book Festival this weekend. When a book festival happens, it's like the whole grocery store has become a free sample party. For real. You will get to keep and see and hear so many things sans MONEY. And it will all be so much better than tiny hotdogs on toothpicks. Go see James Tate read! Maybe buy some pretty books!

-Pangur Ban Party has a new ebook, Very Beautiful Women, which includes work by current MFA students, Feng Chen and Carrie Lorig.

-This is cool. Barrelhouse is cool. Take an online poetry workshop with Mike Young.

-The new issue of Caketrain, featuring fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction, is available for preorder. CAKE. TRAIN. What human object with a belly and a heart can resist that name?!

-The front page of Pank has a piece by local Minneapolis writer, John Jodzio. There's also a tiny interview with him up at We Who Are About to Die.

-We love the october issues of kill author, elimae. We love the grocery lists at Vinyl.


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