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Yes, We Write: A Catalog of Recent MFA and Alumni Books Published

All told, we will have 26 books published (or forthcoming) by current students and alums in 2012-2013, from houses like Knopf, Ecco, Doubleday, HarperCollins, Coffee House, Milkweed, Touchstone, Caketrain, University of Minnesota Press, etc., and so on. Our MFAs rock!

Amy Shearn, The Mermaid of Brooklyn (Touchstone)
Eireann Lorsung, Her Book (forthcoming, 2013, Milkweed Editions)
Ethan Rutherford, The Peripatetic Coffin (Ecco)
Matt Burgess, Uncle Janice (forthcoming, 2013, Doubleday)
Francine Tolf, Eighteen Poems to God and a Poem to Satan (Redbird)
Elizabeth Larsen, Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun (Bloomsbury)
Shana Youngdahl, History, Advice, and Other Half-Truths (Stephen F. Austin University Press)
Amanda Coplin, The Orchardist (Harper)
Joshua Ostergaard, The Devil's Snake Curve (forthcoming, 2014,Coffee House)
Kate Hopper, Ready for Air (Fall, 2013, University of Minnesota Press)
Kevin Fenton, Leaving Rollingstone (Minnesota Historical Society Press, Fall 2013)
Rachel Moritz, Borrowed Wave (forthcoming, 2014, Kore Press)
Meryl Depasquale, Dream of a Perfect Interface (Dancing Girl Press)
Swati Avasthi, Chasing Shadows (Fall 2013, Knopf)
Feng Sun Chen, Butcher's Tree (Black Ocean)
Elisabeth Workman, Ultramegaprairieland (Bloof Books)
Carrie Lorig, nods. (Magic Helicopter Press)
Aaron Apps, Compos(t) Mentis (BlazeVox)
Anna Reckin, Three Reds (Shearsman)
Norah Labiner, Let the Dark Flower Blossom (Coffee House)
Sarah Fox, First Flag and Mother Substance (both from Coffee House Press, 2013-2014)
Liana Liu, The Memory Key (Forthcoming, 2014, HarperCollins)
A.T. Grant, The Collected Alex (Forthcoming, 2013, Caketrain)
Nate Slawson, Panic Attack, USA (YesYes)
Arlene Kim, What Have You Done to Our Ears to Make Us Hear Echoes (Milkweed)

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