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Acts Against Women...On Movie Screens and In Real Life

A few weeks ago we read articles in class about the women who were abused and taken advantage of by the police and basically the government. It struck me how things like this were happening and nobody knew about them and they weren't brought up in the media or in any communites. Also that these women were in fear of going to the police because they were afraid of getting seperated from their familes or being deported. Why I'm bringing up this article now is because it came to mind when I was watching a movie that is now out in theatres called Changeling. This is the new Angelina Jolie movie about a mother who's son is kidnapped and when the police bring her son back it's the wrong child. This movie brings to the screen how the police force has so much power over people, especially women. They do whatever they can to make sure that Angelina does not fight back against them and when she does she finds out all the horrible things they, the police, have done to protect and save their own asses.During the movie people in the movie theatre were shocked and could not beleive what was happening and how things like this happened. I just thought that it was really interesting how stories like this are on theatre screens and that people were in awe about these stories and yet they don't even know that things like this are still happening to women and we just don't hear about them. This movie was a very frustrating movie to watch but it was good in the sense that it brought these issues to light.


I too am constantly frustrated by the silence surrounding violence against women, especially by the police. It always brings to mind the women of Juarez and how the police in that situation are just as corrupted as the criminals committing the murders against women there; who knows maybe it is the police committing the murders.

It is also amazing to me that although anywhere around 1,000 women have been murdered in Juarez, not nearly enough of the general public has even heard of this alarming situation. I mean isn't this classified as genocide? Shouldn't we all be alarmed by genocide anywhere in the world? How is it that we will acknowledge genocides all over the world, yet when it is happening right in our backyard, directly on our borders, we shy away and silence it. I would also hate to think that there is so much silence around this due to the fact that all of the victims are women. I can't help but wonder if these were men being brutally murdered, if there may be more publicity surrounding the issue.