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Type Casting is far to problematic then not

All of the popular Latinas in hollywood seem to fall into different categories as we disucssed in class on Wednesday. Jennifer Lopez played into the stereotype when she first come into hollywood, penelope cruz plays into the internationl sophisticated role and Eva mendes is somewhere in between as the Puerto Rican American. My question is, why do these roles seem more prevelvant when it comes to other cultures in Hollywood? The biggest example that comes to mind is how an actress like Lucy Lu plays in to that "ass kickin asian" (for lack of better wording) stereotype. Or how certain African American actresses may always end up playing in roles that are considered "mouthy" or "ghetto." My second question is do people argee with celebrities playing into these roles, just to get a big break? I am on the fense. I know that in life sometimes you have to play the game in order to get where you may want to be, but the fact that these games even need to exist in this manner is far more problematic then anything. We claim to have come so far as a nation, but these unfair situations still insist on occuring. Why is it that we even need to dwell on race. Why is it that only one minority female has ever won a major acting award. It is not the lack of talent it is the lack of opportunity to start in great roles. Hollywood is so influential in this nation, and unforunately it is where so many ideas are developed about the unfamiliar. Even though i know that celebrites sometimes have to make sacrifices to get where they want to be, i can say that i do not agree with playing into a stereotype about ones culture. There has to be a line, and i feel that when celebrites cross this line, they loose a lot of dignity. No job is worth disrespecting who you are and where you came from.


I am not trying to be rude but I would like to point out that Eva Mendez is Cuban American not Puerto Rican American. It is true that only one minority female has won an Oscar (Halle Berry). However, there are other minority actresses that have won an Oscar for best supporting actress. Pherhaps the main reason why minority actress aren't winning important acting awards is because they are not pursuing roles of strong characters. Movies such as Maid in Manhattan or the Wedding Planner would never be considered for an Oscar nomination. I did some googling on the Academy Awards and it seems to be that the only times when Latina actresses get nominated for best actress is when they are cast in independent films. Salma Hayek was nominated for Frida and Penelope for Volver. So, we see that actresses are not just sitting back and letting Hollywood set them back, they are pursuing acting roles in movies that allow them to show their talent. This makes me realize that maybe actresses are pursuing roles with stronger characters but because of the politics of Hollywood they are not given the opportunity to do so. Thus, actresses are left to take jobs in movies that stereotype them. However, with Salma and Penelope we can see that they are trying to expand their careers by doing films outside of Hollywood.