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Resident Student and UMC Meal Plans

Students, living in University housing, are reminded it is their responsibility to confirm if they are on a meal plan, as well as confirm they have selected the correct plan and have been billed appropriately.  

Returning Residents

By default, returning residents are assigned to the same meal plan (A, B or C) they had in the previous semester unless they properly inform us to make changes to this semester's meal plan.  Meal Plan Option Forms were made available last spring along with 2011-2012 Housing Applications.  Returners will not be assigned a meal plan if they properly notify food service via this form or if they were not on a meal plan last semester.

Freshmen Residents & First Semester International Students 

Freshmen and first semester International Students living in the residence halls must be on a meal plan and are only eligible for Meal Plan A, B or C, regardless of the building in which they reside.  This policy does not apply to students assigned to leased space at the local hotel.  Freshmen received Meal Plan Option Forms along with their Housing Applications.  These forms were also made available during New Student Registration.  Freshmen and first semester International student will be assigned to Meal Plan A, B, or C, depending on their selection on the submitted form.  If these students did not submit a form, they will be assigned Meal Plan C, by default.


Based on the University's contract with our food service provider, Sodexo, students can change their semester meal plan any time up through the end of the 5th day of classes each semester.   This fall semester's deadline is Monday, August 29, 2011.  Once the semester has started, you can only change or delete your meal plan by contacting Angelika Huglen through e-mail ( or stop by the Dining Services Office (Sahlstrom Conference Center 209- next to Bede Ballroom).  Angelika can also be reached at 218-281-8540, but changes need to be handled as explained above. All resident students are strongly encouraged to confirm they have the correct meal plan, if required and are being billed appropriately.  Residents can change their plans again at the start of the next semester.

Methods of Confirmation

Most importantly, all students should know how to check their Student Accounts on the One Stop Student Service website.  Students should click on "View Your Student Account" under the "Tuition & Billing" section.  Check to confirm you are billed appropriately (A-$1,792; B- $1,622; C- $1,483) or if you were billed when you did not intend to be on a meal plan.

Also, you can ask the food service cashiers to confirm your meal plan.  They are provided with a spread sheet that has the most current list of students on a meal plan.  This same list is available through Debi Chandler (218-281-8572) at the switchboard (145K Sargeant Student Center).

More Information

UMC Dining Service Webpage:

Parking Permits - Campus Ticketing Begins August 31

If you have a vehicle on campus, you will need a parking permit displayed in your vehicle.  Permits can be purchased at the Business Office in Selvig Hall during regular office hours. 

Ticketing for "No Permit" will begin Tuesday, August 30th.

Welcome New Students and Welcome Back Returners!!

Move in for New Students is Friday, August 19th beginning at 8am.  If an early check in on Thursday night from 4-9pm would be more convenient for our new students, please pre-register with Residential Life by calling 218-281-8531.

Move in for Returning Students is Sunday, August 21st at Noon.  Returning students needing to arrive early, must pre-register by calling Residential Life at 218-281-8531.  A $12/per night fee will be assessed to your student account for early arrivals.

All students must check in at Residential Life in Centennial Hall immediately upon arrival.

We wish everyone a great year!!