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Free Laundry and Closing Checklist

Note: Free laundry starts April 30th through May 5th! (On Campus Students Only)

Check List For Checking Out

Halls Close Saturday May 5th at 5:00pm

- Sign up for a time to check out with your CA (Sign up sheet on their door)

- You must be completely moved out before doing the check out with CA (The CA will not check you out until you are completely moved out)

- Vacuum all living areas, wipe down furniture, lock windows and close blinds

- Clean out fridge (Do not unplug)

- Apartment: mop kitchen and bathroom, wipe down counters & clean shower

- Residence halls will be available over the summer for a $12.00 night charge or monthly rate. Students MUST register with the Office of Residential life before 5:00pm May 5th. Anyone not registered will be fined.

Community Adviser Position Open

(Current UMC Students) There is a last minute opening for a Residential life Community Adviser position. Residential Life will be reviewing past applicants. If anyone else is interested, please fill out the application and 3 reference forms and turn them in by noon, Monday April 30th. Below is the link to the forms:


Hall Closings and Summer Rentals

Spring Semester is coming to an end and summer is almost here!

The Residence Halls will close at 5:00 pm on Saturday, May 5th and all residents are expected to move out by this day and time. If you need to stay beyond, you will need to stop in to the Office of Residential Life in Centennial Hall to register. More information regarding hall closing procedures will be coming.

We also have summer rentals available over summer break in Skyberg or Centennial Hall for those who will take classes, work, or for those who simply just want to stay here and relax.

Please stop in by 4pm, Thursday, April 19, to discuss your housing plans with us, register and complete proper rental forms.

Thank you & enjoy the rest of the year! 
Office of Residential Life
1110 Centennial Hall