May 8, 2008

Volunteer journal

The following weeks where pretty much the same as the beginning; everyone was really helpful and very kind with me. Also some of the kids wouldn’t like to read at all even though they knew how to, and they make me read all the time. Some time I had to stop reading the book and telling them that they need to read with me or I would not continue because the idea of this is for them to practice not for me to do all the reading. When I try to make them understand my point I will talk calmly and I with a little of joke in it for them not to be mad with me, I know for experience that kids are easy to upset. When the weather was warm enough we went outside to play in the playground, we have a little e problem sometimes because we were just 3 and there were more than 9 kids. However we work it out the best way we could and everyone was happy, especially when new volunteer arrive in my fourth week and help not only in the homework section but in the reading class and playing in the park.

In my last week they had a project of planting some vegetables in a park near the building, we when with some of the kids and dived our self in 4 groups to make it easier to work. I work with 2 girls planting our seeds. When we were going to put the water we discover that we didn’t have any in our buckets, everyone look for water for some time until we found a drinking fountain to fill our tanks. Working together we rapidly put water to the seeds and when to play in the park; however some of the kids and me went to observe the baseball game. Finally back in the building I say goodbye to everyone and I was happy when some of the girls that I work with where sad that I wasn’t coming back, however I think I will go back next semester because it was a incredible experience.

Volunteer first 2 weeks

Week 1:
I start my volunteer work at CommonBond in Sky Line tower in the week of spring break; I wasn’t going anywhere in that week so I decide to start right away with my volunteer because I was beginning I little late. I work 2 days a week for a 1 ½ hour. The first day I was presented to the person that I was going to work with in pre-k, his name is Michael, he has works there for a while and all the kids know him and like him very much. At the beginning I was a very nervous of what I have to do, they explain me that I just have to read to the little kids or help them to pronounce some words when needed, all depends on how much they know how to read. Also if they need help in the homework center I will go and help there too. There wasn’t much to do that week because it seems that the kids had a lot of homework and just will come to read 1 or 2 books and have their reading exams with Michael.

Next week I felt better going to volunteer because I already know some of the kids however some of them don’t always what to cooperate when I was trying to read to them. Michel had to tell the kid to stop so we could work in the book; some of them just like to read the really easy books as “No David? which them have read several times already and are not in their level anymore. Beside the little complication with some of the kids it was a fun week to volunteer. I think that they didn’t want to read because they wanted to play outside in the part however it was still too cold to take them out.


Goal 4… Reduce Child Mortality

The group chose for realm of response Afghanistan, they explain a lot about the history of this country and how they end in such a critical condition. They basically explain that in the Taliban regiment there was no health care for a woman, that’s why the rate was so high. They reported that there are 191 deaths per 1000 births; they are in second place in the world with this rate of mortality. However many new organization and policies have been created after the elimination of the Taliban’s, for example UNICEF have a immunization campaign and have help more than 5 million kids. Also, they have mobile health units and community health programs for different cities. Furthermore, they express that the best way to get out of this situation was to educate the masses, without education they will continue doing the same thing.
To improve the health care in Afghanistan the important key points given where, the necessity to educate the mass about sanitation and health care, to prevent massive infection such as diarrhea, malaria and other dangerous sickness. Their presentation expose the important points, however I concede that the explanation of the history and wars in Afghanistan was too long. Furthermore, they went to dip in the history of women in Afghanistan, taking time for a better explanation of the resources use to improve the child mortality.

Goal 7… Ensure Environmental Sustainability

This group presents various possibilities to have a sustainable house, however not many people will desire this because of the extra cost to implement them. For example, we have the action more common to take and that is the solar panel to produce electricity from the sun, however the disadvantage that it has is that in a cloudy day, in the night or in a place that there are not many solar light this method won’t work. For creating this energy they need the sun, but there is no sun in the night and to buy a battery with the capacity necessary to last all night or more it will bring economical problems to a normal family. Other possibilities where the earth tube which will maintain the house cold or warm depending on the season, this is possible by tubes that go under the earth and absorbed the heat from the soil. Finally we have the wood heat, a method that have been use many years before the discovery of electricity, however as everything this have its disadvantage, the over use this source will be butting in danger the forest resources, also we use wood for many other object of our daily lives. On the other hand they have a sustainable house that use this method and was especially constructed for be sustainable; I’m talking about Aldo Leopold Legacy Center which has no CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. It construction materials was the woods that surround them and every tree that was cut was replace to compensate the lost one. This place looks like the ideal place, however to change the way of live of many people to implement this methods is at this moment just a dream, to transform their house into a sustainable home cost money which many have no desire to pay for.

April 4, 2008

Front Page

I'm sorry is late but here are my front pages...



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March 6, 2008

Changing world… Changing ME…

Every part of this world affects me in some way; my relation and action against and with it help me to understand my purpose of live. Also how man has respond and learn through many years of work in created his own world to live make me understand that people need to understand it’s surrounding and the energy that flows in it to live in harmony in it.


This build environment is a framework of multiple systems that interact between each other to produce our amazing landscapes, our world and the natural world. With this my life is being affected by making me see the relation that exist between everything, that it doesn’t matter what shape or size it have, in the end everything is connected. My actions are all connected everything I do will be reflect in my future and will always be in my past, everything I confront will produce a consequence that can affect others in this interconnected system. The REN building, (to be constructed in China) is a building which exposes a connection between many ideals and symbols; the shape is the Chine’s character for people, the position, the circular windows, everything has a connection that produce this magnificent building of the future. This shows me that the cooperation of these frameworks is the ones that expose a method to have a better result in life.

REN Building, China
The world is full of oppositions, everything we do will have an opposition, something or someone that think differently. Also everything that is part of our world will be produce a resistance to our action, the rain will make us go inside to a warm place, the hard rock will make us look for tools that work better with it; every opposition given by nature or man himself help us develop to suppress and conquer this difficulties. The complexity of live around us help me understand that life is not easy that work is needed to go against this resistance, also it give us examples and ideas to take for our benefit. A good example is the new stadium in China called “the Bird Nest?, known like this because of its form. We have to take what we have and work with eat, develop a solution when we fine a problem but never stop because the answer is not in plain view.

Birds Nest Stadium, China

Our world is in constant change, it never stays the same; everything has a purpose and it works to fulfill it, it’s full of phenomena. Life goes in a changing cycle, what I was today I won’t be tomorrow, new experience and ideas will make me change my view of things. My live continues a path that is molded through my actions and how my ideas change; it guides me through the world to fulfill my purpose of the moment, because persons can have many that in the end will give me happiness.


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February 28, 2008

Free Development


The school of architecture provides us with the capacity to open our eyes to see through reality, to capture the meaning of thing and action. Also teach us how to use that new ability to express it in designs, physically and verbally. However, with all this teaching full of rules and programs to follow, sometimes it restricts our creativity to some topics that are not so important. For example, how is making a jacket out of paper will help me develop my architecture skills besides training me to work with little sleep, something that is useful in architecture mayor?


A place where these restrictions can disappear could be in a place like New Orleans, a place where they need help to reconstruct everything and give freedom to the ideas to come and develop into the real world. Here the ideas developed will not stay just in our head or paper but will take a physical presence that provides experience and understanding of our world. Our work will not only help us grow as architects but will be of assistance for the environment to reconstruct.


With a free development of our architecture imagination crazy thing will development that some time may not be good, but many could be for a better understanding of our environment and our connection with it. The design without rules give some times difficulties to produce because of the vast possibilities that can be us, but at the same time, give of the key to expand with out limits, to think through the impossible and consider every aspect. Architecture is a way of art, a way to express our ideas and believes; if we can work without the pressure of the expectation of a good great but the satisfaction of a family our free college development will have its reward.


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February 21, 2008

One World.. One Opportunity..


This is our world, is a place where many species live and develop; where WE humans live and grow, so why are we using it as our personal house if we are not the only ones here. Furthermore, if this world is so important to us why are we slowly turning it into a dead piece of land without live? Our actions are causing more of these problems so why can we solve them?

“No matter how complex global problems may seem, it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. They cannot be beyond our power to resolve? - Daisaku Ikeda

In this quote, he makes me think that even though problems as global warming, or the extinction of many animals and plants are our own fault we are not even close to solving them. We are the cause so why is so difficult to stop them, it doesn’t matter how big they are if we know what is affecting and increasing their effects. One person alone can’t do anything, but if everyone puts a little bit of help, there will be a world to live in the future, with enough resources to maintain the population.



This picture expose how slowly we are letting our self consume more of what we have into a point that our lives will be in danger meanwhile in other parts that food that we are eating or wasting is killing someone else. Our environment is a delicate system that connects us all, the over exploitation of the resources that we are using are destroying our world and what we are living with.

"The planet should not be used as a warehouse of resources to serve humanity's selfishness" - Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, 2007 Christmas address

"Invincible", Pat Benatar.

This song “Invincible? make me understand that by sitting around doing nothing there will not be any solution, that we are the only ones responsible to solve this and is our live and of our sons and future families which our going to be affected, “We can’t afford to be innocent. Stand up and face the enemy. It’s a do or die situation?. “Won’t anybody help us? What are we running for? When there’s no where, no where we can run to anymore?. We just have one world to live in, so why are we not fitting back what we create through our past actions, there will be no one but use that can solve this. So what are we waiting? For a new planet to be created out of no where, well that is not going to happen and we need to act now or there will be no place to act later.

"Clocks", Coldplay

In this Song I can see how time pass and we are not taking action to solve anything, how times goes own and we look for someone for help when all we need is our own. How we want to be in a place that we can call home and feel save and protected. “Curse missed opportunities. Am I, a part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?? Also how we can be two thing in this environmental problem, we can be the one producing it (how we are acting now), or we can be the one solving in. Furthermore, how we miss so many opportunities so solve it through time but we didn’t pay attention to the warning signals our world was giving us. Soon if we don’t act there would be no earth no safe or opportunities to act on.



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February 14, 2008

Fun time in the car..


The Twin Cities is a place where millions of people live, work and live will their families, however because there are so many, and every one of them have at least one car, the traffic congestion is getting worst with every year. In rush hour you can be sitting in your car looking through the window with the great view of millions of cars trap in traffic just like your poor soul, and with the only desire to be at home after a long day of work. This has gotten so awful that the city is in the league with Boston, Chicago and New York with this traffic problems!!.. and that a lot to say. The roads and freeways where design to produce a faster way to different places of the city, their dimensions and design brought great results for many years. However, with the increasing of population the capacity in rush hours exceeds his limit and stops for many hours the flow of cars.



With this problematic of being stock on a car for hours and not been able to do anything else, the citizens is not only killing them self of boredom and cold; but also loosing so much money without knowing. It was investigated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation that they are wasting 41.8 million gallons of full (1), how much money will that be? Imagine with so little reserve of full we have left and we are losing 41.8 million of gallons in such a brainless way, and don’t forget the annoying hours sitting in a car trying to get home before the next millennium. The freeways are design to easy our life’s when driving but the only things they do when we really want them to work are to lose time, the city doesn’t need bigger freeways but new rows that can work as alternative to release the congestion in the freeways. However, new roads means more taxes for construction, that result in less roads to use, and more hours stuck in the dull car; nothing can be solve without sacrifice of money and time… great options do we have there right? We can pay for new roads and get more lovely time in the car or don’t do anything and still be stuck in the car. An important factor for this difficulty was the collapse of the 35W Bridge last summer, by losing this important road the citizens start taking new roads to go to work and go home. This bridge provides an easy access for the citizens and without it the congestion in the rows got every time worst.


The freeways represent easy access in short time across the city; they give space to continue the circulation without the obnoxious red light of the normal roads to stop you every 10 minutes (with good luck), and they accomplish that almost all the time. However with the magnitude of people that lives in the Twin Cities, these roads where not design for such increase of traffic in the rush hours, so the congestions started and of what we can predict is not ending any time soon.


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February 7, 2008

Andy Goldworthy, Energy and Transformation

Every living and non living thing posses a flow of energy that can be perceive by the movement and change of his material. Andy Goldsworthy in the movie “Rivers and Tides? expose us with this vision that the flow of energy is a continue circle in every object, every time it change of shape or texture his energy is been transform in something new. This energy which is posses by nature is an endless force that transforms our environment and connects every piece in too the never-ending cycle of life.


The art of Goldsworthy express the continuous flow of energy through the environment, how it is connect and how we every new change more knowledge we can get of it. With each piece of work that he constructed with just what nature provide him, and that also nature will destroy, he learn and understand the object; he appreciate what each piece represent and what are they made for. Which every new failure the knowledge of the object increases, just like the project with the rocks in the sea; with each new rock he learn more of it. The environment is a place which we can take ideas and we are part of it. The world is open and it show us the flow of live and power that it posses to maintain order and stability; is the work of the artist to capture that force and express it their work.



That flow of energy that goes through nature is also present in the cities and towns, the movement of life and the constant changes that surround the lives of the people is an example. This never-ending cycle of transforming energy which never will destroy is presented by the constant development of the city, how old building that once where new are destroy to give space for a new building. Furthermore the constant daily life of the citizens gives live to the city with their activities and ambitions of development; it starts with the break of dawn and goes though out the day until night where the city rest to a new beginning next day.