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Andy Goldworthy, Energy and Transformation

Every living and non living thing posses a flow of energy that can be perceive by the movement and change of his material. Andy Goldsworthy in the movie ‚ÄúRivers and Tides‚Ä? expose us with this vision that the flow of energy is a continue circle in every object, every time it change of shape or texture his energy is been transform in something new. This energy which is posses by nature is an endless force that transforms our environment and connects every piece in too the never-ending cycle of life.


The art of Goldsworthy express the continuous flow of energy through the environment, how it is connect and how we every new change more knowledge we can get of it. With each piece of work that he constructed with just what nature provide him, and that also nature will destroy, he learn and understand the object; he appreciate what each piece represent and what are they made for. Which every new failure the knowledge of the object increases, just like the project with the rocks in the sea; with each new rock he learn more of it. The environment is a place which we can take ideas and we are part of it. The world is open and it show us the flow of live and power that it posses to maintain order and stability; is the work of the artist to capture that force and express it their work.



That flow of energy that goes through nature is also present in the cities and towns, the movement of life and the constant changes that surround the lives of the people is an example. This never-ending cycle of transforming energy which never will destroy is presented by the constant development of the city, how old building that once where new are destroy to give space for a new building. Furthermore the constant daily life of the citizens gives live to the city with their activities and ambitions of development; it starts with the break of dawn and goes though out the day until night where the city rest to a new beginning next day.