Assignment #1


The moment I found out the assignment of the week was to create an innovative cookie, about a dozen ideas came to mind.

A random sampling of my idea of an "innovative cookie" includes:
- Cookies made not in an oven
- A savory cookie
- An already-existing food, but in cookie format (this one sparked many other sub-ideas, ranging from curry cookies to a cookie basically made up of 99% candy and 1% actual baking ingredients)
- A cookie used as a container for other ingredients (used as a bowl, a sandwich, or a shell)

Out of all those things, the idea that stemmed the most intriguing options was the "already-existing food" one, and I started thinking of meals that could most feasibly be made into cookies. I am not an experienced chef, and on one baking occasion I literally forgot to add the flour to a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My main concern was to keep my kitchen intact.
After quite a bit of brainstorming, I decided that a meal that was considerably lacking in cookies was breakfast food. My original idea was a breakfast sandwich cookie: essentially, two or three aspects of breakfast in one cookie, separated into layers. I planned for a sweet layer consisting of either French Toast or waffles, a savory layer with some breakfast meat, and a third layer filled with breakfast fruit.
That idea was almost immediately revised. The savory layer idea brought to mind mostly bacon-inspired recipes, which is decidedly un-innovative. This modification narrowed it down to a waffle cookie, which I decided to amp up a little by adding whipped cream and strawberries.
For my recipe, I started with waffle mix and added some ingredients I thought were essential to a basic sugar cookie recipe: eggs, milk, flour, sugar, vanilla, and baking powder. I added less sugar and flour because I figured the waffle mix already included some of that, and I wasn't planning on adding any at all, but the batter was too runny otherwise. To add to the waffle aspect, I added some maple syrup and cinnamon. About halfway through the baking process, I added some chopped strawberries and cinnamon to the cookies. Once they were out, I just topped them with some whipped cream. They actually turned out well, if a little fluffy, and although they obviously didn't look like waffles, they tasted pretty comparable.


Side note: I wanted to see how the cookies would turn out if I cooked them with something other than an oven, so I stuck a couple cookies into my Panini maker. The Panini maker made them super flat, though, so although they were still fairly waffle-like and yummy, they were too flat to consider them cookies.


Chloe, I wish I had tried these cookies! With 20 minutes and almost 70 cookies we were bound to miss some.

Four Avenues

I think that your initial thoughts about what would make a creative cookie were a fine way to begin. The four alternative cookie concepts might mix in interesting ways. It is interesting to see that you tested that avenue with the panini grill. Were they as flat as crepes?


Is the above picture the cookies in the dough state, or is that them after being covered with the whipped cream? It might be useful to see the cookies in each state of development, or at least the waffle cookie without the whipped cream.


Revising your concept from the many layered approach to the embedded ingredient recipe probably simplified the flavor, which I think is a good thing in a dessert. It was good that you did not rely just upon the waffle mix. That showed that you were aware of the situation and not simply following a rote method with a single variation to making waffles.

I liked that you began thinking outside the box right away! Your process is pretty good, but it seems like you didn't really try many different things. I liked that you put cookies into the panini maker, even though it didn't work out. It'd be cool if you did more stuff like that! Or maybe you did, and the way you wrote your blog made it seem like you just revised all the ideas in your head. It would've helped if you put pictures of the different steps, and of the final cookie. These sound very delicious, I wish I would've seen them on Tuesday!

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