Assignment #2


I was really excited when we got this assignment, and who wouldn't be? We had to have fun and draw silly pictures!
After the workshop at HUGE, I decided to actually see a show there on Saturday night. There are three shows a night on weekends, but due to timing we could only see one, which was called "The Mess". Basically, it was an hour of different scenes, completely improvised on the spot. The only theme seemed to be "make it as crazy as possible", which they definitely accomplished. It was hilarious, and if the field trip on Thursday didn't make you want to go, I hope this does!

For the mind map, I started off pretty basic, with sub-categories like "holidays" and "winter drinks". However, it got pretty interesting as I continued, and I was surprised at how many sub-sub-categories related to each other! Here it is...


The three sub-themes that I chose from the mind map are "winter drinks", "sledding", and "Christmas".

The silly pictures were actually a bit more difficult, and not just because of my poor drawing skills. It was tricky combining different winter things to come up with something totally silly, because a lot of them were still kind of related because of the winter theme. Here they are!


Thumbnail image for IMG_0221.jpg










I think it's great that you went back to Huge for a show! I definitely hope I can do that some day.
As for your blog, I enjoyed your silly ideas. It would've been great if you emphasized a little more how the silliness led to your creativity. Even if that means restating in a way the theme of the lecture. That will remind your audience what the purpose of your blog post is.. and like every good piece of writing, it should make some sort of statement or argument. And wrapping up the post at the end with some writing would be nice too so that it doesn't just simply stop. More pictures in your mind map would make it a little more visually interested. Good job overall!


I really like your use of color within the mind map, it helps to distinguish main categories from the smaller ones. The connections are helpful as well, maybe you could stretch a bit to make more connections and that might help you to find interesting cross-products as well!

I think for your silly ideas it might be helpful to show or explain the products that you crossed to make the new product. My favorite idea of your silly ideas is the ski-pole shaped knitting needles, that seems like a fun novelty product that you would actually see in stores!

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