Assignment #7


Well here we are, the final blog post of the semester! What a bittersweet moment... Anyway, moving on with the post... To recap, my top five product ideas were:
1. A reusable shopping bag with an adjustable strap
2. Scented wrapping paper
3. A phone app that scanned the quality of different products
4. A removable shopping bag handle wrap
5. A reusable shopping bag with zippered pockets on the outside

For my Pugh Chart, my categories were:
1. Can I communicate it easily?
2. How good is the timing?
3. Is it easy to use?
4. How unique is the idea?
5. Is it a feasible product?
6. Is it environmentally friendly?


After analyzing the chart, I decided that the best product would be the quality scanner phone app. The hardest part by far was coming up with the name. I wanted something that would portray the app's use, but also be catchy. The working title is EcoScan (because it scans the ecological impact of the product, as well as other things). I would really appreciate other name suggestions though!

I made a little mock-up of what the app might look like:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.21.28 AM.png

Finally, I made my elevator pitch video! I couldn't figure out how to import it directly to the blog, so I made it a YouTube video, sorry! Here's the link:

Looking forward to your input! Thanks!


Hey Chloe!

Your app ideas seems like a resource that would be incredibly useful. It would reduce the number of steps that a user would need to do on their own in order to find this information. This could even eventually earn a good enough reputation to grant a seal of approval to reduce the research needing to be done even more!

Your greatest issue will definitely be locating the information and making sure that the information is accurate. Unfortunately it is only too easy for companies to hire workers to fill out reviews on an app such as your own. However, if you were able to have a large amount of verifiable data, this app would appeal to many users!

Great project!


Hey Chloe!
I love the idea for the app. Additionally, your presentation was really nice!
I think the greatest issue or obstacle for your idea would be to convince some retailers to use it. While a lot of companies would want to be featured on your app because it shows good business practice, others don't need to use the app to get people to shop there (ex. Wal-Mart) and might not see the value in the app (even though many shoppers would surly appreciate it). If you could come up with some kind of incentive for these companies, the idea might take off more easily.

Great work! You mock-up looks suuuuuper great. Keep on keepin' on with those graphic design skills. :)


I think your so would be really helpful with consumers who are often way with what they're buying. I think that maybe there would be the challenge of making this app mire essential to users besides during the shipping season by integrating with other shopping apps (and also trying to get the information of a company's product or to the public!).

Your pitch was nice and you sounded very enthusiastic and knowledgeable of your idea. Perhaps holding as a .mov and inserting it with the button next to the unsafe upload would be a nice direct link instead of copy and paste a YouTube link (unless it's only showing that for my browser, then Nevermind!).

It would be nice to audio have s dual copy of your Pugh chart so it's neater to see.

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