October 26, 2007

Story 2 Reshuffle

Have most college students thought deeply about the City Council At-Large race? Have they taken the time to develop enough knowledge about the four very different characters we have to choose from to become members that represent us citywide? Do college students know what or how much power the City Council At-Large gives the representatives we choose?

No, not a majority of the UMD student body considers these things. Nine out of ten students asked said that they have no idea who to vote for because they usually don’t vote.

I know if I hadn’t reported about it, it’s very doubtful I would’ve done research myself.

One student said that she’d “rather not vote because she doesn’t know anything about any candidates.? Another said that they don’t care because Duluth “isn’t their city.?

I think, in order to vote and successfully vote in who we want to represent us, college students need more of an overview about what the City Council At-Large members actually do and decide for the city of Duluth.

According to the Duluth City Council website, the City Council’s mission statement is “to develop effective public policy rooted in citizen involvement that results in excellent municipal services and creates a thriving community prepared for the challenges of the future.?

Although the mission statement makes complete sense, it’s very vague, general and doesn’t describe specifics. We, as college students, need to know more!

I never would’ve decided upon my choice for At-Large if I hadn’t done some research. Specific research as to each candidate’s position on certain issues as well as some research about what the City Council At-Large positions actually do for us as college students.

“I know about the mayoral candidates, but I didn’t even know there was a City Council At-Large election until now,? said a UMD freshman.

I think that the UMD campus needs more information around in order to attract as many voters as possible. Although some students are confused about whether they want to vote as absentee or as a member of the Duluth community, either way I think it’s important for students to be registered and knowledgeable about whom they want to represent them.

“I don’t think it’s easy enough to vote for students. I tried to do an absentee ballad last year and it was just too tough,? said one UMD student.

October 22, 2007

Blog Search
I did like this blog. I felt it was a good university/campus news blog because it had topics which related to everyone on campus, not just the athletes or not just pre-med majors, ect. I found it to be effective because it has topics in it that do relate to everyone.
I liked this blog a lot. It's obvious she's in Iraq and what else I like about this blog is that it's from a female. Most the other blogs about/from Iraq had male authors. I found it really interesting where she talks about the scenery and such, like it's so surreal. I liked this writing because it made it very humanistic, not just about THE WAR but about the PEOPLE IN THE WAR.