February 22, 2005

wispy . . .

Have you seen her hair?! Wispy.

I think They Might Be Giants said it best. Excerpts from "Bangs" of the album Mink Car . . .

Above your eyes your hair hangs
Blow my mind your royal flyness I dig your bangs"

To drape across your forehead
To swing concordant angles as you incline your head"

Are like a pocket T-shirt
As casual as that while fully intentional"

"And although I like you anyway, check out your haircut!
A proscenium to stage a face that needs no makeup"

- MjE

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February 5, 2005

Random Hugger

Abbie gives random hugs. It's the most awesome thing ever. Sometimes exactly what you need is a random hug. Yet another reason that Abbie's great.

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