April 28, 2005

Fast Multi-Tasker

So, let me tell you a story:
Abbie goes home. Talks to her roommate and stays up really late. Works on her presentation. Sleeps an hour. Goes to school. Tapes a lecture while studying a work by Stravinsky. Gives her presentation, which goes over swimmingly. And wins a new fan (the professor).

Good stuff, right.

Well, it's not over. She's back to the library. Gone to class. A quick dinner and Finale Summit. Then a three-hour rehearsal. Just in time to get home and do it all over again. Wow.

Abbie's a Fast Mulit-Tasker.

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April 6, 2005

The "Real" Deal

Abbie is a Real Person . . . that is refreshing. (Many people today are not real, which this seems especially prevalent among those in their 20s.) Here's one more reason why:

One day this week she found me in my office. She was a bit stressed out and needed to talk to someone. I was the lucky guy! So, after a quick sit at an outdoor table, we took a short, short walk. But she got things off her chest.

Here's the beautiful part: you can hear this Reality in her music! Her music grows so organically, like mounting stress, finds a way to resolve itself, like an eye wet with tears, and when she leaves your presence, you feel changed.

That's how great Abbie is.


- MjE

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