March 24, 2006

Great Analysis

Abbie studies people; she analyzes them... wonders at and figures out their motives and modes of operation... she's pretty keen this way...

The other day she told me something about myself, or rather about an effect I had never noticed that I have on people. What she said:

  1. made me feel really great about myself (which I haven't so much lately), and
  2. has really allowed me to have more confidence, trust myself more, in my interactions with people here.

Culture is a funny thing sometimes. I have felt quite a bit of alienation from people here in Minnesota, even though I really love the place far more than almost everywhere I've ever lived. Abbie helped me understand that people here are a lot more like people I've known on other journeys... they just don't show some things as much... or perhaps show them in different ways to which I'm less attuned.

Abbie's so smart. It blows me away sometimes. I have a lot to learn from her.

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January 21, 2005

Sho Schmart!

Frankly, she's an intellectual powerhouse.

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