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January 24, 2005

Conspiratorial Universe

Ok. This one definitely ranks among the worst days ever. I came home and listened to Nine Inch Nails The Fragile and cleaned my room in a ferocious sprint, and now I'm feeling a bit more mellow, so this entry won't have the vehemence it would have an hour or two ago.

Step 1, oversleep.
Step 2, realize it.
Step 3, lay in bed half crying, half yelling at myself to get the hell out of bed.
Repeat step 3 for a while.

Step 4, become ok with skipping math class.
Step 5, get out of bed.
Step 6, shower, aka experience the pleasure-pain of scalding oneself.
Step 7, pack bag for school.
Step 8, eat a piece of toast sprinting out the door.
Step 9, get on bus, realize I forgot something of little to moderate importance.
Step 10, hate self for this far out of proportion to its importance.
Step 11, get to school, work hard for a few hours, mostly satisfyingly.
Step 12, print all parts and score for brass choir.
Step 13, tape pages of parts together.
Step 13, mild celebration, in the name of all that is holy, it's finished.
Step 14, think, "All that's left now is to copy and bind the score; that's easy"

2:00pm realize you flaked on someone you were to meet at 11:40
- spend half an hour leaving her messages, listening to her messages to you, leaving her more messages, rearranging the rest of the day to meet with her

2:20 hand parts to Dr. Baldwin and head toward kinko's
2:30 halfway there, realize I didn't print a title page
2:40 become unbelievably frustrated by the lack of a simple drawing program
2:45 decide to draw a diagram on the inside cover by hand, print rest of cover
3:00 become infuriatingly insane attempting to find kinko's

3:10 find kinko's after directions from 3 people
- spend 20 minutes waiting for help
- spend 20 minutes explaining what I need
- be told it's easier if I email them a file
4:00 call person I flaked on to say I'm almost ready to meet her
4:15 back at school, have minor issues coming up with the file
4:30 finish emailing them the file
4:40 call kinko's to inquire as to when job will be finished, be told 6
- hang up
- realize that's too late for Dr. Baldwin's ensemble
- realize I disappointed him again, by being late
- nearly vomit
- call Dr. Baldwin to tell him the news, hear his disappointment, hear him reconsidering the concert date, hear him finally decide it's ok
- try again to get in touch with person I flaked on
- leave a million messages again
- start to head to another meeting
- get a call from kinko's saying they're having problems with the file
- return to lab to email them some fonts
- run around desperately trying to find the person I flaked on
- run into my afternoon meeting person several times, luckily she's chill, eventually says we'll skip it today

6pm wait for person I flaked on
... keep waiting
... leave her a msg
... leave her another msg saying I'm coming looking for her
6:30pm she calls saying she's on her way
- meet with her

Realize, by the end of the meeting, the following:
She wants me to go ahead and write her some music for her project, but, though I have been very clear as to exactly what materials, what kind of thematic suggestions, what kind of shape information I need to know what the heck her piece is going to be, she has given me none of this. Know that she'll be completely surprised by whatever I come up with, and that it will probably not be her idea of what fits the piece. Become very zen about this. Resolve not to work very hard on it.

6:55 go to get on the bus
7:00 realize I haven't picked up the scores or given them to Dr. Baldwin, even late
7:15 arrive at kinko's to find they didn't include the cover sheets
(watch my bus go by, get really, really pissed)
7:25 inspect scores with cover sheets, find them to be really ugly prints
- upon inquiry they tell me it all had to do with the file problems they were talking about
- pay only half price for this round
- leave paper originals with them to pick up tomorrow
- walk away
- grab a bus back to school to drop off the shitty score
- realize there's no point, Dr. Baldwin's gone home, so should I
- get off bus, wait
- get on another bus

After that it's home and NIN & cleaning as I said before.
Doesn't sound all that bad.
It was, from inside my body-mind anyway.

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