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February 14, 2005

Quick Triple Sequence

Last night I had a new version of a recurring dream about being in a long bike race, quasi Triplets of Belleville... I'm leading the pack, and just as I get to this really hard place where we have to carry our bikes up hundreds of stairs, perspective jumps off the bike and into the boy of a woman on the side who is protecting me, the biker... now "me" is the woman, talking to this other woman who's maybe the mother of the "bad" biker, enemy guy... somehow both these women are lawyers and the dream turns into one about lawyers... after a lawyer-battle of sorts, it morphed into a beautiful, patriotic, sad, loving, and longing dream where I was basically my grandfather, deciding that my country needs me, deciding to volunteer for service in World War II. It was hard to make/explain the decision with/to my wife-to-be (a.k.a., my grandmother), but we knew that great things were at stake. I had a sense of the grandeur that was America in those days... fascinating that we've lost that. The loss of our sense of purpose, the loss of confidence that we're right in our actions in the world. I woke up as an awful battle scene started.

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