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February 21, 2005

Collaboration, Old Friends

Just had a dream where I was hanging around naked with a bunch of artist friends... maybe we had gone swimming? Not sure, in any case, the dream ended as we (5 of us) went into a blackbox theater to put our clothes on and watch a show (we would have been the only audience—the theater was empty but for us), or possibly to collaborate together on some artistic project, maybe we were to be auditioning people for something. I didn't recognize the people other than Emily Robertson—random that she should be there. Actually, now I remember, when we were just outside the theater, preparing to go in, she was talking about her breasts, and lifted one up, then the other, calling them F1 and F2, like the keyboard keys... then I made some joke and squeezed her butt. Hahaha, that's really funny... :) It was right after that that everyone laughed and we headed into the theater.

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