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March 11, 2005

Keeping in Touch

Just received an email from what one could call a "long lost friend." She's not really, we were certainly not lost to each other, and it probably hadn't been that long in reality -- a few years maybe... made me remember some very good long lost times... gives me some beautiful food for thought to dream on tonight...

Really busy lately, as evidenced by my lack of posts... Edmund Campion is the bomb -- he's in the final running to replace Judith Lang Zaimont as she retires from the U of Minnesota... just finished a web application that my colleagues really really appreciate... applying for a grant that I've got an ok chance of receiving that would allow me to do some incredible research this summer... research I've been dying to take on for months... possibly years in earlier incarnations -- without the grant it's not very possible though... very time-consuming -- i.e., holding a nine-to-five or being in school full-time makes it almost impossible.

It's supposed to snow all this week in Minneapolis, only a little at a time... the days are definitely getting longer though... Spring is on her way round the mountain...

Did pretty well on a Differential Equations test today -- with five more minutes I could've gotten 100%, but just remembered how to do one of the problems in the last five minutes and frantically scribbled until time was up.

Spring Break next week -- road trip with j. and Noah to Baltimore... I'll stay with Solange... she'll be busy, but it will be wonderful anyway... I certainly have plenty to do... finishing that grant app not the least... a few contest deadlines coming up soon too...

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