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March 17, 2005


So, I write from Baltimore, in Solange's room while she takes a cat nap. She's very adorable over there. I could just stare for hours. Watching her breathe, move her lips the tiniest bit... wiggle a toe... turn over.

It is utterly amazing how, no matter how long it's been, no matter what has happened in between, no matter what is going on in our crazy individual lives, the second I am in Solange's presence... everything becomes easy, peaceful, and normal. Instantly. Even if we were dropped on Mars, I think it would feel the same—we would explore together like we explore any situation together, we'd go about life just like we always have.

Amazing. Apart, longing and loneliness overtakes me, I bury myself in work, bury myself in anything to stave off the motivation-killing feelings... the horrible sense of completely being alone. Together, bam! My head becomes clear, my work loses the sense of frantic urgency. I can do what I need to do for a bit, relax for a bit, kiss her neck for a bit, laugh and do some more work. I get almost as much done and feel much, much happier about my life.

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